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From Legacy Systems To Cutting-Edge Tech: The Role Of Shopify, Braze, And WPP In Empowering The Retail Engagement Evolution

From Legacy Systems To Cutting-Edge Tech: The Role Of Shopify, Braze, And WPP In Empowering The Retail Engagement Evolution

Today’s retailers have to do it all—sell online, in-store, on social, and everywhere in between. As commerce evolves and moves to a “sell everywhere” model, retailers are challenged to provide experiences to consumers that feel consistent across shopping touchpoints. 

This ever-changing landscape of commerce paired with increasingly complex technology options has created constant pressure for brands and retailers to keep pace and to be present everywhere their customers are. In today’s market, consumer centricity is still fundamental for delivering responsive, personalized and cross-channel communication that educates consumers on brand and product, and drives purchases.

To help commerce businesses solve the need for a modern engagement platform seamlessly integrated into the leading commerce platform, Shopify, Braze, and WPP are partnering together to provide a highly effective commerce engagement solution that delivers on growth, quickly. 

Shopify x Braze: A deepened integration fit for the cross-channel commerce age

Modern retail should be responsive, personalized, and cross-channel. Navigating this change is a persistent challenge for enterprise retailers. Complex tech stacks, often made up of piecemeal legacy tech, siloed data that sits across organizations and latency issues stop seamless journeys. Yet, enterprise retailers must compete with digital native businesses that have fuelled their growth on modern, best-of-breed tech stacks.

The Shopify and Braze partnership gives retailers a consolidated, comprehensive technology solution to provide customer insights and messaging (Braze) leading to the most effective checkout experience (Shopify). A purpose-built integration to help brands focus on their most valuable asset: their customers.

  • Extending across the online and offline divide: In-store and purchasing data from Shopify is combined with cross-channel and first-party data collected in Braze to create a consumer view that bridges offline and online. This full consumer view means that retailers can unlock digital and in real-life traffic into known customers that drives repeat purchases and brand loyalty. 
  • Multiple store support: Whether it’s multi-geography, multi-brand, or simply multi-storefront, Shopify clients can utilize Braze across multiple Shopify storefronts. This allows enterprises to have a persistent single-customer view to easily deliver connected experiences across email, web, mobile and paid social channels. A more holistic view of the customer improves the potential for cross-selling between products, as well as reducing time-to-value when creating user experiences.
  • Test to the best: Shopify and Braze together provide retailers the tools to optimize towards the most impactful journeys that boost revenue and customer lifetime value. Braze does this by allowing retailers to test the best combination of messaging channels for the highest conversion. Plus, set up an experiment on how many messages should be sent during peak events or when is the best time to trigger an abandoned cart message are all questions that can be quickly and easily answered. These deeper insights gathered by retailers create a feedback loop that can help shape future engagement strategies and optimize a Shopify storefront.

This collaboration makes it much easier for retailers to connect and act on the online and offline worlds. Recently Shopify and Braze partnered together to help a prominent retailer of durable drinkware and coolers to bring together their Shopify platform and Braze messaging. Their focus was creating a customer lifecycle that delivered the personalized and real-time campaigns needed to drive more users to the checkout. 

The Power of a Strategic Partner: Shopify, Braze and WPP

As enterprise retailers consider how to integrate and scale a new solution, partners like VML (a WPP agency) can provide deep industry insights, technology expertise, global and local staffing needs, and ongoing support to retailers. WPP is the recognised expert in the Braze x Shopify solution. 

“VML is excited to help clients harness the full potential of the Shopify and Braze solution. Our extensive years in commerce uniquely position us to support our clients' taking advantage of these new transformative capabilities. This solution will help retailers act across the omnichannel ecosystem and bring together creativity and technology to transform moments of transaction into experiences that convert,” said Tyler Murray, US Chief Client and Commerce Officer, VML.

“Braze has always believed in the power of customer-centricity and building out incredible first-party relationships. We know that to be absolutely engaging as a retailer you need to know your customer better and then use that data to build the personalized shopper experiences that drive purchases. I have no doubt that the deeper relationship, improved solution and collaboration between Braze, Shopify and WPP will deliver more value, more quickly to our mutual customers and orchestrate better experiences for their consumers,” said Myles Kleeger, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Braze.

This joint offering will enable enterprise retailers to benefit from agile customer engagement with real-time insights, faster to market campaign development and real-time segmentation. By combining Shopify’s best converting checkout with WPP’s leading creative resources and Braze’s agile engagement technology, joint clients will be able to deliver meaningful engagements with customers at speed and scale. It’s a solution that puts the customer first and retailers on a path to win in the retail engagement revolution. 

Bringing together cutting-edge technology and expertise, such as Shopify, Braze and WPP, is a winning combination.

This article originally appeared on Shopify Web Design and Development and is available here for further discovery.
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