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From Reviews To Retention: How Brands Can Build Loyalty With Reviews


It’s no secret that product and site reviews are invaluable when growing your brand. In an increasingly competitive online landscape, brands are tasked with creating original user-friendly experiences to win new customers. On top of that, businesses must also focus on strategies that drive retention. 

To keep shoppers coming back time and time again, while simultaneously generating sustainable brand growth, brands are incorporating loyalty programs into their reviews strategy. Let’s explore the value of integrating loyalty with your reviews strategy, and how combining the two can ultimately drive retention and accelerate brand growth.
Retention: The key to sustainable brand growth
New avenues within marketing eCommerce now center initiatives that improve customers’ average order value (AOV), overall retention, and customer lifetime value (CLTV) by capitalizing on integrations between brand loyalty and reviews solutions. Simply, brands are driving retention with reviews — …

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