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From Stockout Stress To Sales Success: How Shopify POS Transforms Retail Brands

From Stockout Stress To Sales Success: How Shopify POS Transforms Retail Brands

Inventory management is a constant and daunting challenge for many apparel brands. Imagine a customer walking into an apparel store, buzzing with excitement to try on the latest collection. They search for their size and favorite color in a bestselling jacket, only to be met with disappointment. This scenario is unfortunately a familiar one for many apparel brands that rely on manual inventory management, and end up plagued by operational headaches, lost sales, and frustrated customers.

But the problem doesn’t stop there. A recent US census report revealed a near-$800 million problem of excess inventory for retailers. Whether it’s overstocking or understocking, dead stock or storage costs, what if retailers could turn this stress into predictable profits and scalable growth? 

Shopify POS is the key to unlocking more efficient inventory management, greater flexibility and control, and omnichannel success. Let's explore some of its features and discover how they directly address some of the biggest challenges faced by apparel retailers.

Beige background with a cartoon image of green folded shirts with a fact below it that states, 'In 20203, the apparel retail insutry held almost $800 million in excess inventory.'

Take control and track inventory across channels

According to the McKinsey and World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) Sporting Goods Industry Report Survey 2023, 81% of respondents say inventory levels are a continuing challenge for their business.

Manual inventory counts and spreadsheets leave apparel brands blind to real-time stock levels. Shopify POS grants eagle-eyed vision across every sales channel, online and in store. Each item, size, and variant is meticulously tracked, giving a holistic view of inventory wherever it resides. 

No more panicking about stockouts in one location while another store has the item gathering dust. With Shopify POS, retailers will always know exactly what’s available, empowering them to fulfill customer needs and avoid lost sales.

Green background with a white cartoon shopping bag and a fact that states, '81% of respondents say inventory levels are a continuing challenge for their business.'

Enjoy seamless stock availability at every store location

Today’s shoppers are intent-driven—they expect to find what they’re looking for when they make a trip to the store. But managing stock levels across multiple locations, transferring inventory over large geographic distances, and fulfilling particular size and color requests efficiently can be an immense logistical challenge. 

With a few clicks, retailers can move items between stores and watch inventory levels automatically adjust across locations. Shopify POS helps retail brands minimize overstocking and understocking headaches, and give customers confidence that their desired items will be on the shelves regardless of location. Satisfied customers lead to fewer missed sales and more repeat business in the long run.

Turn returns into valuable insights

Complicated returns can cause a pile-up of emails, calls, and frustrated shoppers at the checkout counter. Shopify POS allows retail staff to streamline the return process, and turn it into a treasure trove of data for smarter business decisions.

Each return becomes a powerful data point, revealing product performance, sizing trends, and customer preferences. Apparel brands can put this knowledge into action by refining their 

inventory and improving product descriptions to make sure shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Work smarter, not harder

Clunky inventory management leads to stagnant stock and wasted storage space. Start making data-driven decisions and transform inventory from a burden to a strategic asset. 

Shopify POS’s intuitive stock grading system gives retailers clearer insights about which items are worth reordering. It also gives retailers the ability to set up reorder points to receive low stock notifications and ensure enough lead time to replenish inventory of a product before quantities reach zero.

Gain insights for smarter planning 

Retailers can go even further with their data-driven decisions with inventory reporting. This POS feature empowers retailers to understand their customers and their inventory like never before.

Dive deep into sales trends, identify popular items, analyze profitability by product, and gain valuable insights into overall inventory performance. Use this data to make decisions about purchasing, merchandising, and promotions, ensuring shelves are always stocked with what customers need—or enticing them with deals on hot, seasonal items.

The big picture: efficiency, satisfaction, and scalability

By harnessing the power of Shopify POS's inventory management features, apparel retailers will unlock a world of benefits:

  • Boosted efficiency: Streamlined processes, reduced manual work, and automated workflows free up time and resources to focus on growth.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Always have the right items in stock, fulfill orders seamlessly across channels, and eliminate stockout-related frustration.
  • Holistic view: Gain a comprehensive understanding of inventory across all locations, enabling smarter planning and decision-making.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, Shopify POS scales with you, accommodating multiple stores, high-volume transactions, and a diverse product range.

Ditch the stockout stress and realize the sales success you’ve been working for. With Shopify POS as your inventory management partner, you'll be well on your way to transforming your brand and delighting customers with the seamless, omnichannel shopping experience they expect.

Try the apparel POS that does it all

Shopify POS helps you create a unique in-store experiences that convert more customers and simplify inventory management across 1,000 locations.

Discover Shopify POS for Apparel

This article originally appeared on Shopify Retail Blog and is available here for further discovery.
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