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Gain More Customer Insight With Single Customer View


The fourth and final product release of the year has landed here at Dotdigital. There’s something for everyone, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

With this release, we focus on putting customers first, front, and center in meaningful ways that drive up customer satisfaction and unlock value for marketers. After all, customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than those that don’t put their customers first.

Positive change begins at home

We like to practice what we preach, tens of thousands of marketers around the world rely on Dotdigital to acquire and nurture customer relationships with a little help from the powerful tools available in our platform, and so we’ve made some design and support changes that will improve your day-to-day experience with us. 

Firstly, our platform look and feel has undergone a revamp so that we can provide customers a more consistent experience between our website and app. You’ll see heavier use of our primary color pink which offers better color contrast and is AA accessible. This benefits users with visual impairments. Secondly, we’ve subtly rejigged our page designs to do away with white space and improve data density. 

Dotdigital in dark mode

Why should we care about ‘data density’? In our September 2021 release, we brought some major updates to our customers with all-new Segment and Program analytics. Rather than just using our platform to create and activate winning customer journeys, now customers have an array of dashboards available to them from which they can glean powerful customer insights that will inform better decision-making. The new design means you can see more data at a glance, which is pretty important if you plan to spend a few hours a week tapping into the valuable data that your campaigns, programs, and customers return to you. 

Platform aside, we know the connection with our people is important too. If you’re a customer, chances are you’ve had an interaction or two with our stellar Support team. In September this year, our average call wait time was 14 seconds, and the average chat response time was a mere 88 seconds. The lines between personal and business channels are becoming increasingly blurred, and so we decided to introduce two entirely new support channels through which you can speak to us: WhatsApp and Messenger. Next time you need a helping hand, simply choose your channel of choice in our Help Center and we’ll be chatting in no time. 

Out with opens, in with clicks

A topic of debate that is front of mind for many a marketer is how we measure engagement. In 2020 the world sent 306 billion emails, up from 281 billion just a couple of years before. Mobile engagements are on the rise as well, we pick up our phones 58 times a day on average. So what does ‘engagement’ really mean in 2021? Can a brand say I am engaged because I opened and glanced at their email during my commute or lunch hour? 

Regulators and big businesses continue to introduce tools that give customers choice on how and whether their interactions with marketing communications are tracked. The latest example of this is of course Apple’s iOS15 which makes it harder for marketers to track opens across Apple devices. Read more about iOS15 and what is happening to the “noisy” open metric in Gavin Laugenie’s blog post.

The good news for you is that we’ve built a toolkit that will help you pivot away from opens and towards clicks as your primary metric, a far more meaningful measure of engagement. In your account settings, you can choose to “prioritize clicks over opens”, learn more here in our Help Center.

Single Customer View

And last but not least, this product release brings you a Single Customer View (SCV). Commonly cited challenges around gaining insights from marketing data include: Data is siloed and difficult to access (47%), not having know-how or capacity to extract insights from data (20%), and not having enough data at all (15%). Bringing your data into one place removes a lot of this friction, and can help you identify what you’ve got and what you need.

SCV in Dotdigital gives you a holistic view of every one of your customers and goes way beyond opens and clicks. With it, you can see real-time engagement and sales data, as well as their subscriber status, their preferences, and even which programs they are enrolled into, to name a few. 

Marketing teams are increasingly relied on to offer this single-source-of-truth and support other teams in the business in developing a deeper understanding of your customer. SCV also helps you identify areas of data enrichment that need improvement. With it, you can spot integrations that aren’t working as expected, identify whether your customers are telling you what their marketing preferences are, and get a deeper understanding of what a typical customer journey looks like. It’s time to break down those data siloes and wear the voice of the customer crown that you deserve. 

Single customer view

Make sure to sign up for our lunch-and-learn webinar next week with Dotdigital trainer David Pyle in which he’ll explain how you can unlock more customer value with this latest platform release. 

And remember to keep your own preferences up-to-date, simply check ‘Product updates’ and you’ll be the first to hear about everything that’s new in our platform. 

Special thanks to our friends at dotdigital for their insights on this topic.
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