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In order for an eCommerce business to be successful, they must be able to reach a large audience when promoting new products or services. When a company cannot reach a large audience with its products and services, excellent web design and relevant content no longer matter, as there are no visitors to see it. Because of this, lead generation is at the very core of every successful eCommerce business, as leads provide solid opportunities to convert and retain customers, which in turn results in a better bottom line and more growth.


There are many opportunities for lead generation on the internet, with many of them being looked over by businesses. Lead generation is more than an optimized website and a great product; in fact, there are opportunities for lead generation at almost every turn, for most companies. Some leads can be generated through email, such as through very informative and helpful newsletters, however other leads can be found on social media, as well as through practical offers and strategies.


A great way to build a lead database is through exit-intent popups. When it appears that a visitor is going to leave a page without making a purchase, offer a unique discount code to the visitor if they enter their email. Not only will they be likely to continue shopping because of the discount, but they will also be eligible to receive future newsletters from your company, making this a very effective method at generating leads.


Social media provides some of the greatest platforms for lead generation, particularly Twitter and Pinterest. On Twitter, be sure to include a call-t0-action in your bio section, and be sure to include a link to an opt-in landing page. Ask customers to visit the page in order to encourage new subscribers. Pinterest is also helpful in this area, as it's an excellent platform for great products and idea to go viral. Offer a free gift with purchase or a unique sale offer, then post this in on Pinterest. This will make its way around the site, and eventually lead to new visitors and leads.


Another excellent way to establish new leads is by offering subscriber-only or VIP content that can only be accessed through email signups. For example, popular website prompts new visitors to sign up in order to receive an article entitled “This Year's Top Ten Laptops.” This is an article that is relevant to many of the site's visitors, making in an effective reason for visitors to subscribe.


Everyone loves free gifts, and sweepstakes are an excellent way to gain new leads because of the general public's interest in free money or products. Offering a $500 gift card as part of a subscriber-only sweepstakes is a great way to encourage new visitors to sign up, as they will feel they have the chance to benefit monetarily from the sign-up. In addition, the winner will likely post about their winnings on social media, which can draw very positive attention to your store.


When customers create flattering or positive content about your store, be sure to feature it as part of your subscriber message. In addition, it never hurts to mention how many others have subscribed, as this will give your page a lot of credibility to new visitors. 


Once a strategy for lead building has been set, it's important to use split testing in order to determine what works and what doesn't. Use the split test results to determine which variables led to more leads, and which seemed to have little impact. Begin trimming away parts that do not resonate with audiences, and amp up the factors that generate more leads in order to most effectively build your subscriber list.


Finally, the most effective way to gain leads is to make it obvious to new visitors that there is an email list they may want to be apart of. Eliminate as many distractions as possible in order to garner the most attention to the subscriber message. When visitors have no choice but to read about the subscriber list, they will be more likely to sign up than if they are distracted.


These tips are all very helpful, but ultimately each company will need to determine what works best for them. This can be done by taking note of where current subscribers have come from, and what enticed them to stay. Incorporate these ideas into future strategies, as they will remain very valuable to your link building process.


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