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Understanding Generation Alpha: Influence, Impact And Predictions For The Future

Three young adults laughing and chatting outdoors, two holding smartphones, exemplifying the influence of technology on social interactions. One woman wears a pink top and the man in the center wears an orange jacket.

Generation Alpha, born from 2010 onward, is the first to be born entirely within the 21st century.

Familiar since birth with modern technologies like smartphones, tablets, and AI such as Alexa, they are shaping up to be the most tech-savvy, progressive, and globally interconnected generation yet.

Wondering who on earth Generation Alpha is? You're not alone.

In a rapidly changing world, it's crucial to understand the upcoming generation as they pave the future.

In this article, we'll dive into:

  • Who exactly comprises Generation Alpha
  • The influence of technology and Generation Z on this demographic
  • The deep impact COVID has had on their upbringing, so much so that they're often referred to as Generation C
  • And ultimately, predictions about their values, aspirations, and the possible changes they will bring about in society.
  • What Shopify-powered brands need to do now.

Let's dive in!

Understanding Generation Alpha

Do you know that Generation Alpha existed the same year as the iPad? Interesting, isn't it?

Let's catch a glimpse of who they are and how this term was coined:

  • Generation Alpha is the catchall for children born in or after 2010. Most of this demographic is still pre-teen, but the oldest will enter their teenage years in 2023.
  • The term “Generation Alpha” was forged by Mark McCrindle and his consulting agency, McCrindle, in a comprehensive 2008 research report.
  • By 2025, the population of Generation Alpha will rise to eclipse the two billion mark, making it the largest generation to date!

Alpha and the Tech Connection

Now you might be asking why this generation's existence coincides with that of the iPad.

  • Generation Alpha thrives in the bosom of technology. It's an essential element in their shaping, so much so that their existence is tied to the birth of the iPad – another integral symbol of the new tech era.
  • What's more? The Gen Z creators, who already dominate their feeds, heavily influence them. All in all, Generation Alpha is born into and bred in a tech-dominated world.

The Influence of Technology & Gen Z on Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha is growing up in a world steeped in technology. Gadgets and the internet are an integral part of their lives; they don't just consume content, but they also contribute, assist, and even learn through these platforms. The influence of technology on this generation goes beyond convenience and accessibility; it shapes their perspectives, values, and behaviors.

Growing up in a Digital Era

  • Generation Alpha is practically born with a tablet in their hands. Mark McCrindle called this generation the “first to be fully immersed in technology from birth.”
  • Because of this high exposure to digital media and devices, Generation Alpha is referred to as the first true “screenagers.” They are highly comfortable with multi-touch interfaces, moving fluidly between applications, streaming video content, and interacting with AI.

The Role of Gen Z Creators

  • The ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube has given rise to a new breed of influencers – Generation Z creators.
  • These creators heavily influence Generation Alpha's behavior, with their content shaping the Alphas' perspectives, tastes, and preferences.
  • Gen Z creators play a significant role in creating relatable content, setting trends, and influencing the worldview of Generation Alpha. They are the trendsetters, innovators, and movers and shakers in the social sphere.
  • This influence is not merely superficial. Gen Z creators often tackle complex subjects such as mental health, diversity, and inclusion. They are instrumental in creating societal and cultural shifts in Gen Alpha's world.

In conclusion, as the first fully digitized generation, Generation Alpha's use of and relationship with technology isn't simply a defining factor—it's a fundamental component of their identities. Their perception of the world and their place in it is inextricably intertwined with the technology they use daily. Additionally, the influence of Gen Z creators provides a new dynamic in developing Generation Alpha's identity and values.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Generation Alpha

Unquestionably, the COVID-19 pandemic has left a mark on all aspects of society. Yet, perhaps one of the groups most influenced by the events of the past years is Generation Alpha. Living through a pandemic during their formative years means these unique circumstances have substantially shaped this generation’s life experiences, values, habits, and expectations.

Delving into “Generation C”

  • The term “Generation C” was coined to describe Generation Alpha in light of the changes brought about by the pandemic, which stands for “Generation COVID”. The designation reflects the global crisis has a profound impact on this age group, embedding it into their collective psyche.
  • Generation C is associated with unprecedented changes in schooling procedures, social habits, and family dynamics. Much of their education, for instance, has been delivered via digital platforms because of school closures.
  • The pandemic’s effects have been educational but also social and emotional. Limited social contact and constant health concerns have introduced unique mental health challenges for Generation Alpha.

Lingering Effects of the Pandemic

  • While it's still early in this generation’s maturation to fully understand the resilient or adverse effects, some patterns have emerged.
  • Many Alpha kids have honed essential 21st-century skills, such as digital literacy and adaptability. Greater dependence on digital platforms has nurtured proficiency in online learning tools and virtual communication.
  • Conversely, potentially negative effects include a lack of important socialization experiences due to lockdown restrictions. This can result in difficulties adjusting to normal physical interactions when restrictions lift.

The pandemic has brought about seismic shifts for Generation Alpha—or Generation C. The event's lasting impacts will inevitably shape their worldview, character, and personality, reinforcing them as a unique entity in our society's generational tapestry.

Predictions for Generation Alpha

While Generation Alpha is still in its early developmental stages, it is experiencing an environment like no other in history. Their experiences will shape their values, perspectives, and attitudes toward the world. Ashley Fell, a social researcher and co-author of a book on Generation Alpha, has made educated predictions about how this generation may continue to develop.

Lasting Marks of the Pandemic

  • While it is early to definitively identify the lasting impacts of the pandemic on Generation Alpha, Fell believes there will be significant long-term effects.
  • Economic, social, educational, and psychological impacts from COVID-19 are predicted to leave lasting imprints on this generation's development and worldview.

The Values of Generation Alpha

  • Fell predicts that Generation Alpha will likely place high value on family and close personal relationships.
  • Following the pandemic, generation Alpha kids may be more likely to develop admiration for “everyday superheroes,” those who have served on the front lines during the crisis.

A New Way of Working

  • Given the seismic shift towards remote working throughout the pandemic, Generation Alpha is set to see working from home or “anywhere work” as the norm rather than the exception.
  • The disruption in traditional work may also make Generation Alpha more flexible and adaptable in their future careers.

Creativity and Resilience

A silver lining highlighted by Fell is that Generation Alpha may emerge as a more creative and resilient generation due to the challenges they face early on.

The Digital Landscape of Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha, often called the first true digital natives, is completely immersed in the world of technology. They are exposed to screens, applications, and digital interactions when they open their eyes. This intense relationship with technology is not just about consumption; it's about creation. They don't just watch videos; they create them. They don't just play games; they modify them. This generation is passionate about their digital interactions, and it's fascinating to see how they easily navigate the online world.

Parenting in the Age of Generation Alpha

Millennials, the parents of Generation Alpha, play a crucial role in shaping their children's tastes, preferences, and values. These parents, having grown up in the transition phase of the digital era, are authentic guides for their children in the online world. They ensure that their kids have the right tools and platforms to express themselves, learn, and grow. Moreover, they also instill values of digital responsibility, ensuring that Generation Alpha uses technology for entertainment, education, and personal growth.

Global Connectivity and Generation Alpha

One of the most tempting aspects of Generation Alpha is their global interconnectedness. Born in an era where the internet blurs borders, they have friends from different parts of the world, learn about diverse cultures from their tablets, and are truly global citizens. This worldwide connectivity ensures they are more accepting, understanding, and curious about different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.

Challenges Faced by Generation Alpha

While the digital era brings numerous advantages, it also comes with challenges. The screen time, which Generation Alpha is so passionate about, can sometimes lead to health issues, both mental and physical. It's essential for parents, educators, and society at large to ensure that this generation has a balanced life. Encouraging offline activities, physical play, and real-world interactions is as crucial as their online engagements.

The Future is Alpha

As we look toward the future, it's clear that Generation Alpha will be at the forefront of technological advancements, societal changes, and global movements. Their early exposure to technology, combined with their global perspective and the values instilled by their millennial parents, will ensure that they are not just consumers but creators and innovators of the future.


The article delved deep into understanding Generation Alpha, the first generation born entirely in the 21st century. These children, born from 2010 onwards, are shaping up to be the most tech-savvy, progressive, and globally interconnected generation. Their lives are intertwined with technology, with a significant influence from Gen Z creators. The COVID-19 pandemic, termed Generation C for them, has profoundly impacted their upbringing. Predictions about their values and aspirations indicate a strong inclination towards family, adaptability, and creativity. The additional content provided offers insights into their digital landscape, the role of millennial parents, their global connectivity, the challenges faced, and the promising future they hold.


Generation Alpha is a generation of resilience, creativity, and an undoubted tech savviness, born from the overlapping effects of technological advancement and the COVID-19 pandemic. To summarize:

  • Generation Alpha consists of children born in or after 2010 and will be the largest generation by 2025.
  • This tech-savvy generation has been baptized in a tech-driven society, highly influenced by Gen Z creators.
  • Generation Alpha is furthermore branded as Generation C, standing for COVID, due to the significant effect the pandemic will leave on its life experience.
  • Social researcher Ashley Fell predicts lasting impacts on this generation, expecting them to value family more, admire everyday superheroes, and disrupt the traditional work model.

As we reflect on Generation Alpha, it's clear this cohort will bring unique perspectives and drive change in unforeseen ways, making the future an interesting place to look forward to.

Generation Alpha Frequently Asked Questions

What defines the digital landscape of Generation Alpha?
Generation Alpha is completely immersed in technology, easily navigating the online world, creating content, and modifying games.

How do millennial parents influence Generation Alpha?
Millennial parents guide their children online, ensuring they have the right tools for expression, learning, and growth.

How globally connected is Generation Alpha?
Born in the digital era, Generation Alpha has friends worldwide, learns about diverse cultures online, and is truly a global citizen.

What challenges does Generation Alpha face?
Increased screen time can lead to health issues, both mental and physical, requiring a balance between online and offline activities.

How does Generation Alpha shape the future?
With their early exposure to technology and global perspective, Generation Alpha will be at the forefront of technological advancements and global movements.

Who is Generation Alpha?
Generation Alpha refers to those born in or after 2010. The term was coined by Mark McCrindle, projecting that this will become the largest generation in history.

How has technology influenced Generation Alpha?
The digital landscape has heavily influenced Generation Alpha. They were born into an era of smartphones and tablets, with Generation Z creators shaping their worldview significantly.

Why is Generation Alpha also referred to as Generation C?
The term Generation C, or Generation COVID, highlights how profoundly the pandemic has and continues to influence this cohort's lifestyle, education, social interactions, and potentially their values and future work methods.

What are the predicted values of Generation Alpha?
Ashley Fell predicts they will be more family-oriented, admire “everyday superheroes,” redefine traditional working methods, and be a more creative and resilient generation due to the challenges faced.

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