Gepard PIM Has Been Featured In The PIM Report 2023 By The Group of Analysts

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2023 – Gepard, a leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Content Syndication (PCS) solutions for eCommerce businesses, announces that it has been included in The Group of Analysts PIM Report 2023. The analysis aims to help businesses navigate the latest trends and technologies of the eCommerce market and make informed and effective decisions when choosing PIM solutions that best meet their needs. To download the report visit this link on Gepard’s official website.

What Was Gepard Recognized for? 

PIM and PCS solutions enable businesses to manage and distribute their product data across various channels, improving efficiency and accuracy and allowing users to allocate and enrich their data smoothly. The report estimates the PIM market to reach USD 63.8 billion by 2030. It offers an in-depth overview of the above-mentioned solutions using the evaluation of various providers under predetermined criteria such as the application capability, usability, integration potential, customization, and cost. Gepard’s inclusion in the report is a testament to the high functionality of the company’s PIM solution, the inherent advantages in terms of customization options, and the ability to meet each client’s individual requirements. The analytical report also provides information on current market trends and prospects for using such solutions in digital eСommerce.

“Here at Gepard, we have always strived to create additional value for our demanding customers and solve even the most complicated and non-standard challenges. Therefore, being featured in the PIM report 2023 by The Group of Analysts is a credit to our team’s commitment and hard work. It strengthens our stable grip in the PIM and PCS industries”, says Maryna Tarasenko, Head of Marketing at Gepard.

With a high-quality back-end enabling advanced transformation algorithms and powerful customization opportunities for unique customer requests, Gepard’s solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to optimize their product data management and distribution processes. 

“We observe that too many companies rely on the promises of the loudest voices, which often leads to wrong decisions, ineffective PIM usage, and – ultimately – high operational inefficiencies and costs”, says Temel Kahyaoglu, Chief Analyst and Founder of TGOA.

About The Group of Analysts 

The Group of Analysts is a research and consulting firm that analyzes technology and market trends in various industries, including the digital commerce sector. The PIM and Product Content Syndication reports provide an in-depth analysis of Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Content Syndication (PCS) solutions businesses use to manage and distribute their product data across various channels effectively.

The Group of Analysts

About Gepard

Gepard is a leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Content Syndication (PCS) solutions. Gepard PIM & Syndication platform is a single source of truth to collect, manage, enrich, and distribute users’ product data in the required format to various sales channels. It enables brands to exchange product marketing content freely and helps retailers to onboard and adapt it in an effective and automated way. This increases operational efficiency by 75% and delivers 120+ million product descriptions monthly across multiple retail platforms.


Contact: Yevheniia Kurchavova, PR manager at Gepard, +38 0501805066, [email protected]

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Partner Spotlight:

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