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Gepard Receives Official Status As Partner Connector For Integration With Mirakl Platform

Enhance your business with the Mirakl Platform, Partner Connector.

Gepard is proud to announce that it has officially received status as Feed Management Partner integrated with Mirakl. From now on, the company has become a certified and verified partner of Mirakl with a connector to its API.

The authorization of Gepard at the “seller” level means that companies that want to fill product catalogs on marketplaces that function based on Mirakl (Allegro.pl (Poland), Cdiscount.com (France), Bol.com (Netherlands), Otto.de (Germany) and many other) automatically will be able to load their product data through Gepard PIM solution. Product data management processes will be done according to the format and structure (taxonomy) of Mirakl and transport it automatically, through the available Mirakl application.

Mirakl is one of the most famous platforms for eCommerce sales. Sellers must undergo verification to send product data directly to Mirakl because the system has a closed API. Gepard PIM-Mirakl integration will provide a seamless experience for businesses looking to easily manage their product data, expand reach and sell on Mirakl-powered marketplaces and dropship businesses while providing a consistent and engaging customer experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mirakl and offer our customers a powerful solution for managing their product information across multiple channels, including Mirakl and power their online stores with better product data,” says Sergey Shvets, CEO of Gepard PIM. 

The next step for Gepard is to acquire the status of a partner company that works with an extended API at the “operator” level. 

“We are excited to welcome Gepard PIM as a partner connector. Their solution is a valuable addition to our marketplace and dropship solutions, and we look forward to helping our joint customers succeed in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce,” said Jean Gabriel de Mourgues, Executive Vice President Connect and Growth Solutions at Mirakl.

About Gepard

Gepard is a PIM platform that brings innovative automation solutions into product information management for  eCommerce businesses. Gepard PIM & Syndication platform is a single source of truth to collect, manage, enrich, and distribute users’ product data in the required format to various sales channels. It enables brands to exchange product marketing content freely and helps retailers to onboard and adapt it in an effective and automated way. This increases operational efficiency by 75% and delivers 120+ million product descriptions per month across multiple retail platforms.

About Mirakl

Mirakl is a global SaaS technology company that enables businesses to achieve profitable and sustainable eCommerce growth. Mirakl’s industry-leading suite includes solutions in marketplace, dropship, supplier catalog management and pay-out, supplier sourcing ecosystem, personalization, and retail media to revolutionize the way businesses sell online.

Mirakl’s award-winning technology is chosen by more than 400 of the world’s most trusted brands across retail and B2B industries, including Airbus, Decathlon, Galeries Lafayette, Kroger, Leroy Merlin, Macy’s, Maisons du Monde, MediaMarkt, Sonepar, Toyota Material Handling and Yves Rocher. 

The news is released on Gepard’s official website here

Contact: Yevheniia Kurchavova, PR manager at Gepard, +38 0501805066, y.kurchavova@gepard.io

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