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The Moving Man Method: Get Backlinks Without Guestposting


Backlinks are an integral part of achieving growth online as a company. However, more clarity still needs to be about successfully obtaining quality backlinks.

What are quality backlinks?

When another company or blog refers to your company by linking to it, it is called a backlink. Quality backlinks come from pages with large audiences and dedicated readers, which will encourage more new visitors to the link.

Guest posting is a great way to get quality backlinks. However, many companies find this time-consuming, and not all brands wish to have their content posted somewhere outside their domain.

Fortunately, there are many other ways companies can get quality backlinks paired with backlink monitoring, without giving away content. One method of doing so is through the Moving Man Method.

The Moving Man Method primarily revolves around finding no longer working websites. Either the company moved to another domain or has shut down; the point is to find websites that a functioning company is no longer occupying.

Once a list of these websites has been made, it’s time to start scouring the web for backlinks to these sites. Several pages have likely mentioned the website in an article or two, and they will appreciate knowing that these links no longer work. After all, sites with backlinks to non-existent pages are negatively affected by it, making it essential to change the information when necessary.

After you’ve found backlinks to the non-functioning web pages, contact the blog owners to let them know that the link no longer works. This alone is a great way to get a mention, as many bloggers will shout out to those who notice non-functioning links; however, the method can be stepped up by offering your relevant content as a substitute for the missing content.

For example, if you have recently published an article about SEO marketing and notice that a popularly backlinked SEO article is no longer on the web, you can contact backlinks offering up your content instead. In many cases, they will substitute the previous link for your own, giving you quality backlinks.

The best way to find non-functioning links is by searching for them using Google. Phrases such as “tech and mobile rebrands” will bring up hundreds of articles about companies that have re-branded themselves, which often leads to finding expired links.

Backlinking is a long and continual process. However, the Moving Man Method can be a highly effective way of establishing an extensive database of backlinks with little time spent. As with any marketing practice, it gives what is put into it, and dedicated marketers can profit significantly from this method if done effectively.

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