How to Get Free Traffic and Improve Your Organic Reach

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To sell products online, you need traffic. The more people your eCommerce store attracts, the higher your revenue potential will become.


As the web becomes increasingly saturated with eCommerce stores, earning customers through organic traffic is more challenging than it was during the early years of online sales. Some eCommerce store owners think organic reach is dead, but experts like Neil Patel say otherwise.


Organic reach is alive and well, although harder to rely on solely for traffic than paid marketing. To earn organic traffic for your eCommerce store, you need to follow the right strategies and use the most effective platforms to reach your target audience.


Where Should I Start Looking for Organic Traffic?


Out of the many traffic sources, you can choose to implement in your marketing plan, social media is one of the best you can use to kick off your strategy.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have paid advertising programs, but they offer opportunities for free organic reach unlike any other traffic source. Groups, fan pages, hashtags, and trends make it easy for eCommerce store owners to market their product to their target audience.


  • Get social media users talking about your product. Give your product to social media influencers for free in exchange for a recommendation or shoutout to their followers.


  • Direct message influencers on social media and ask them to promote your products. Build a relationship with them first to improve your chances.


  • Target your posts at one particular group of people. Post your product in groups on Facebook and use appropriate hashtags to promote your store on Twitter and Instagram.


Content Marketing for Organic Reach


The Importance of Backlinks


Every eCommerce store should have a blog to promote themselves. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most reliable methods of organic reach, and content marketing is the best way to take advantage of its potential benefits.


Create content which will attract back links. Writing SEO content is only half the battle – you need backlinks to make it to the front page of Google’s search engine results pages.


Linkable content should be actionable and interesting. Once you create linkable content, reach out to influencers in your niche and give them a reason to link to your website on their blog.


Out of 100 bloggers, you can expect 5-15 to reply to your backlink request. Reach out to as many as you can, and don’t give up until you’ve obtained the number of backlinks you need.


What is Linkable Content?


Linkable content will educate and entertain your reader. Write content which promotes your products as one solution to a common problem among your target audience.


Don’t focus on keyword research when picking topics to blog about. Instead, look at questions your target audience may have, and use those as the basis for your linkable content. If your content addresses a question or concern of your audience, other bloggers in your niche will want to share your advice. These types of educational articles tend to rank very naturally.


Use Catchy Headlines to Attract Readers


Your blog’s headline will determine how many readers it attracts. People make assumptions about an article based on its headline, and certain types of headlines work much better at attracting readers than others.


  • Title your blog with a question you’re going to answer in its content (i.e., “Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Groceries?”).


  • Use a countdown title (i.e., “10 Best Practices for Selling Digital Products Online”).


  • Offer how-to methods to help your audience (i.e. “How to Boost Your Sales By 300% In 3 weeks”).


The right headline can mean a world of difference for your content. Follow tried-and-true headline formulas to attract more organic readers.


What are your tips for increasing your organic reach? Let us know in the comments below!


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