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Get More Sales on ecommerce Store by Boosting ads on Instagram

Ecommerce via Instagram

Get More Sales on ecommerce Store by Boosting ads on Instagram

Boosting ads on your Instagram account not only enables you to showcase your products and services to a larger audience but also improves chances of getting conversions. Unlike traditional advertising which is costly, Instagram comes with great features that you can leverage to generate sales without having to break the bank.

Commanding slightly over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, it is no doubt that Instagram cannot be overlooked by players in the ecommerce industry. The secret behind the success of Instagram in marketing is the vast data that the social platform has accumulated over the years.

For the record, the number of businesses using Instagram surged to over 200 million in 2021.With Instagram advertising revenue growing by 52% to hit $26 billion in 2021, the social platform seems to have attracted the attention of many brands across the world.

However, if you are stuck on how to generate more sales from your Instagram profile you can choose to buy Instagram followers. This enables you to market your brand to an existing audience without worrying about the cost of advertising. Be that as it may, generating tons of sales can be tricky if you don’t have a clear strategy.

Regardless of whether you have zero or a huge advertising budget, realizing Return on Ad spend (ROAS) requires extra effort and skill. Failure to roll out a clear advertising plan for your Instagram account can lead to   huge losses that may never be recovered.

In this article, we explore ways you can leverage Instagram advertising features to generate more sales for your ecommerce store.  Before   giving you tips on how to improve sales through ad boosting, here are tips on how to market on Instagram.

1. Create a business account.

To kick off Instagram advertising, you must first switch to a business profile. As such, before rolling out an Instagram business plan, ensure you have created an Instagram business account. To get started, simply click on switch to business profile on your Instagram settings.

There are many benefits of creating an Instagram business account. To illustrate, just like followers would reach out to you through your website, an Instagram business profiles makes it easy for your customers to contact you directly from your Instagram page.

Additionally, a business profile enables you to create and publish ads without having to use Facebook tools. The unique aspect about using Instagram business page is that it comes with free perks that you can use for your business page.

Some of the tools that you can access through an Instagram business profile include analytics tools that provide stats reach of posts and impressions. After unlocking the free perks that come with an Instagram profile, you should use them to track metrics and understand your target market.

2. Use Instagram free marketing Tools.

Free Instagram tools that come with a business profile makes it easy for you to view important stats ike engagement data, impressions and many more. Other details that you can get about your followers include age, location, gender and most active hours.

These free tools are crucial in helping you understand how your audience interacts with your audience. The more you understand your audience the better you will create ads that suit their interests and needs.

3. Use product Teasers

You can easily double your sales on Instagram by simply posting product teasers. Instagram is a great place you can use to market your products. If you play your cards well, you may not followers with a series of advertisement. The bottom like if you appear too pushy, you are likely to lose more followers.

With product teasers, you can excite your target market and market your products without annoying them. For example, you can offer a free app where users can access and buy your products. This is typically an indirect selling strategy that can both spark interest and get you conversions.

Even if customers won't buy the products, the posts may generate tons of likes which may improve sales. These types of ads aren't pushy since they tease customers with product image and discounts which aims at improving purchase decision.

Established  Companies like Starbucks uses the trick to advertise seasonal drinks. Without looking pushy, images used aim to appeal to the target audience which increases chances of getting conversions.

Here is what you need to do to double your sales through boosting ads on Instagram.

1. Targeting

Just like any other sales funnel, you need to target the right prospects. This will not only improve chances of generating more sales for your business but also reduce the cost of advertising. Generally, targeting gives you confidence that advertising messages being shared will yield results.

Besides improving product development, targeting in marketing helps your product to stand out about competitors. While ads can be annoying and invasive, targeting makes it easy to attract customers. That said, targeted ads allow a company to not only narrow down branding efforts but also develop effective marketing communication strategies.

2. Grow your audience

Before you think about boosting ads on Instagram, you must first all focus on growing your audience. Regardless of how powerful your brand can be, you may not achieve much when you run ads on an inactive Instagram account. In that case, you can either choose to buy Instagram followers to boost follower count or leverage influencers to grow your audience.

Typically, a high follower count is not only a sign of authority in a given niche but also improves customer confidence. It is against this backdrop that we recommend growing Instagram followers before investing in Instagram ads.

3.  Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing, the strategy involves separating the audience into two before showing them different products or services. You can then compare the responses to ascertain which is more effective based on the metrics you may have chosen. The strategy aims at testing each audience that you may have chosen before deciding on which metrics you should use for your audience.

Some of the factors you should pay attention to in the A/B testing process include;

  • Size of audience
  • Reliability of data collected
  • Duration of the test campaign
  • Consider testing one element at a time.

4. Quality content

Online advertising is all about video, text, and images. Whichever way you decide to put across your promotional messages, you have to ensure the quality of content is good enough. Sharing poorly crafted text, videos or images can not only compromise the credibility of your brand but ruin the objectives you intend to achieve through your ads.

Remember there are millions of brands scrambling for the same audience. To have an edge over your competitors, ensure the content produced for advertising are of high quality. Do not just boost content for the sake of it since poorly produced content can greatly injure your reputation. As a result, you may not achieve much with your advertising strategy.


Social media advertising has become one of the most effective ways of reaching out to clients online. With many brands scrambling for attention on online platforms, the need to roll out advertising from an informed point of view can not be downplayed.

Therefore before boosting ads on Instagram, remember to consider a few tips highlighted in this article. This will not only save you from incurring costs in non-performing ads but also generate more sales for your brand.

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