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Gift Subscriptions – Early Access


govalo-banner1It's never been easier to offer Gift Subscriptions with the new integration between Govalo and Bold Subscriptions!  Now open for early access.

There's only one thing better than buying a subscription you absolutely love, it's buying one for a friend!  If you use Bold Subscriptions V2 and the new Govalo integration, now all your customers can enjoy buying gift subscriptions too! (early access form below) 

Full walkthrough with Govalo CEO Rhian Beutler & Jay Myers

Govalo is a leading gifting app for Shopify and they've just completed an integration with Bold Subscriptions that allows seamless subscription gifting, and fully automates the process! It's a brand new integration and if you're interested in selling gift subscriptions, you can request early access below.

When customers purchase a gift subscription they select how many months it should be for (3, 6, 12, etc) and if they'd like to include any special message. From there, Govalo automatically sends a gift email letting the recipient know they've just been gifted a subscription the same day, or on a specified date (birthday or holiday). The recipient then can then activate their gift subscription when they're ready! 

Buying the gift subscription:

Buying Gift Subscriptions

The recipient enters their own address and manages the subscription as though it was their own, the only difference being it's free for the period of time that was gifted to them. 

Recipients easily activate the gift subscription when they're ready: 


What's best of all? When the gifted period runs out, the recipient can keep the subscription recurring but billed to their own credit card. Which is exactly what you want in the end, another subscriber  ?

Try it out on our live demo.

Get Early Access Today! 

This will soon be open to everyone, but for now it's invite only so Govalo and us can manage any support requests and onboarding. If you're interested in getting early access, just fill out the form below, and we can get you access as early as today! You will need to have Govalo installed first, you can install Govalo here, and use code BEBOLD to get 3 months free! 

This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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