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Globy.Com And Other B2B Markets

B2B markets are becoming more in demand daily, as they are places where suppliers and buyers can meet and cooperate without intermediaries.

In this case, users can count on the absence of commissions and accessible communication. The partners exchange contact details and discuss the terms of the deal themselves. Only a legal entity can register on such a website. 

This article discusses a promising Globy company that operates in the B2B format and offers the best conditions. The organization's website has a tool that allows you to control sea shipping and learn all the nuances of cargo transportation. We also discuss how you can join the market as a supplier and what benefits you get. 

Collaboration with Globy

Globy is a fast-growing B2B platform operating worldwide. You can quickly find the necessary product and make a wholesale purchase. The catalog features many offers from different countries. Here, you can find everything from bulk materials to sophisticated machinery. In addition to general information, the cards contain a link to the seller's official website, where you can clarify the data. You can cooperate in a legal field, avoiding dishonest or prohibited schemes. 

Payments can be made using bank accounts, which are fast and secure. Buying goods in another country is often very profitable because of the price difference. In addition, you can get high-quality products at a reduced price. That is why Globy and other B2B platforms are developing so actively. You can join completely free of charge. To do this, you must fill out a simple form on the website and agree to the terms of cooperation.

Offer for Suppliers from Globy

You can present your products to potential buyers if you are a supplier. To do this, you must create a product card on the website and enter all the data there. If your price is acceptable, you will receive an offer soon. Globy offers you a free promotion. It's straightforward: create your profile by posting your logo and brand information and adding links to the company's official website and social media. Remember that you are open to the number of publications. 

You can place as many products on the market as you see fit. Your downloads are not subject to commissions and fees. Globy will help you find your target audience and promote your products for free. The promotion is offered for a limited time. You get the following benefits:

  • Free promotion of your products;
  • Communication with customers without restrictions;
  • No commissions when making deals.

Starting on the B2B Platform

It is worthwhile to remember that B2B markets are not suitable for individuals. They are created for entrepreneurs and companies. To register, you must first create a company in your country. After that, you will receive IDs you can use to create an account on Globy. You should not try to use random information: all data is checked. People and companies with dubious reputations are blacklisted. The cooperation is entirely legal and does not violate applicable laws. By joining Globy, you increase your customer base and get free advertising for your company. You also have the opportunity to be a buyer on the website.


We have analyzed the work of B2B markets and mentioned their advantages. If you are a supplier, it is favorable for you to start cooperation with Globy and get free promotion of your products. Registration on the site will take a little time. You only have to enter the exact details about your company and add your contacts and links. If you have any questions, you can contact customer support. Businesses require comprehensive development, so registration on Globy only has advantages.

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