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Good news to make your day brighter

An uplifting image of a person holding a heart, bringing good news to brighten your day.

As the coronavirus crisis evolves, most of our lives are rapidly changing. Many Canadians and Americans have transitioned to working from home full time, and practising social distancing. While no one can be sure what fresh hell tomorrow’s news might bring, we know that through community and compassion in the workplace, we’ll pull through.

To help spread positivity during these tough times, we at diff are keeping an eye out for good news. And there’s lots of it! From vaccine progress to stories of human solidarity, we’ve compiled an ongoing list of uplifting news to help us all keep things in perspective. We’ll be adding new positive stories to this list every week. 

Here are our positive news highlights to keep your spirits lifted.

Several distilleries in TO are making hand sanitizer which they are selling to the public for a few bucks. Spirit Of York is one of those distilleries. They’ve been selling their hand sanitizer for $2.95, and giving it away for free to those who can’t afford it. According to the company’s Instagram, proceeds from the sales are going to local food banks.  

Swimwear brand Summersalt has opened up a free text message hotline—which it’s calling a “Joycast”—that will allow people to reach out if they need something to lift their mood. In response, someone from Summersalt’s “customer happiness” team will send over a 10-minute meditation video, self-care ideas, or a puppy GIF.

The World Health Organization has reported that there are now 20 coronavirus vaccines in development around the world. One of these vaccines has already gone to human trial.  

The Washington Post analyzed data this week from the European Space Agency which shows that between Jan. 1 and March 12, concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, have fallen drastically in Europe.

Facing the largest epidemic outside of China, South Korea reported more recoveries from the coronavirus than new infections on Friday for the first time since its outbreak emerged in January.

Coronavirus is becoming under control in China, and as a result parks and tourist attractions have started to reopen across the country, alongside loosened travel restrictions. “The National Health Commission said on Thursday that the outbreak had passed its peak, and the figures appear to support its claim,” said one local newspaper, “On Friday, authorities in mainland China reported just 11 new COVID-19 cases, of which four were in Hubei.

A couple in Washington Heights, NYC had an impromptu wedding on the street. Their friend officiated the wedding from their fourth floor window while bystanders (keeping a healthy distance!) cheered them on. 

Textile companies in the USA are now pivoting to manufacture masks. Parkdale Mills Inc., one of the country’s largest yarn spinners, is working with companies like Hanesbrand, Fruit of the Loom, and six others to build a manufacturing supply chain for the masks, and they’re aiming to make up to 10 million face masks per week.

Love in the time of corona: Canadian Ian Karleff and Mexican Lucia Sol got married in the garden of their home in San Juan Cosala, Mexico in front of a judge, two witnesses and a computer. Around 300 of their friends and family tuned into the wedding from the comfort of their own homes!

Readers are looking for lyrics for their ‘hand-washing song’. They prefer to sing the lyrics of their favorite songs instead of counting to 20 or singing the Happy Birthday song hundreds of times. Wash Your Lyrics is a great website to make a handwashing poster to your favorite song lyrics of your choice! 

A breathing aid that was designed and built in less than a week to keep COVID-19 patients out of intensive care has been delivered to London hospitals for clinical trials.

A couple whose wedding celebrations were cancelled due to the coronavirus donated the food they had ordered to healthcare workers. The donation resulted in over 400 hospital staff being fed over one weekend.

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. Since there are no visitors to the aquarium, staff at the centre decided it was a good time to show two of their penguin residents – Edward and Annie – the grounds. The two penguins roamed the aquarium for the first time! If you head to the aquarium’s Instagram, you’ll see they’ve now posted new videos almost daily of their penguin residents on adventures. 

A couple whose wedding celebrations were cancelled due to the coronavirus donated the food they had ordered to healthcare workers. The donation resulted in over 400 hospital staff being fed over one weekend.

NYC’s governor Andrew Cuomo announced that 6,000 mental health professionals had signed up to volunteer for a new programme aimed at supporting the city’s mental health amid the pandemic. New York residents can call the hotline and schedule a free virtual session with one of the mental health professionals volunteering.

In Massachusetts, USA, before the mandatory shut down of shops came into effect, a ‘mystery man’ bought all the flowers in one florist shop and distributed them to the town of Needham’s inhabitants.

Did this good news brighten your day a little bit? Check back weekly as we add more positive news stories to this growing list.  

This article originally appeared in the Diff Agency blog and has been published here with permission.

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