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Gorgias Has Partnered With Leading Ecommerce Apps


A collection of new integrations released this October.

Gorgias connects to over 70 leading ecommerce applications, giving you the power to centralize customer data in your helpdesk, perform support actions from a single place, and streamline your store’s toolkit.

This month, we launched 7 new integrations: 

  1. LoyaltyLion
  2. Twitter
  3. Call Hippo
  4. Shipup
  5. Tolstoy
  6. Autopilot
  7. Sentisum
  8. Yotpo (updates to our existing integration)

Read on to learn how you can use these tools to help manage your store, and visit the Gorgias App Store to activate them today!

1. LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a digital loyalty framework that gives ecommerce stores innovative ways to engage and retain customers. If you’re using LoyaltyLion for your loyalty program, you can connect it to Gorgias to display information next to support tickets, and reward loyalty points using Macros.

2. Twitter

Give your support team the power to interact with shoppers on Twitter, without having to log into another platform or share credentials with your social media manager. View past Twitter conversations, gain cross-channel message context, and customize your replies to provide exceptional customer support.

Note: This integration is currently only available for Enterprise plans. View pricing here.

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3. Call Hippo

CallHippo allows startups and businesses to buy instant local support numbers from over 50+ countries around the world. With this integration, you can create tickets in Gorgias for phone calls and SMS conversations via Call Hippo.

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4. ShipUp

Shipup follows your packages in real-time to create a seamless, transparent, and branded delivery experience. With the Gorgias integration, you can easily share shipping information with your support team, immediately notify them with a ticket in Gorgias when an incident occurs, and find customer information right next to conversations.

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5. Tolstoy

Tolstoy is an interactive video platform, helping users create meaningful and personal conversations at scale. With this integration, Gorgias users can sync their Tolstoy videos and monitor every viewer interaction as a ticket, empowering support agents to engage without ever leaving the help desk.

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6. Autopilot

Autopilot is a data and customer journey marketing platform designed for businesses who sell online. With this integration, you can now combine your Shopify and Gorgias data together seamlessly in Autopilot. You’ll not only have a single view of your customer, but you’ll be able to deliver a more personalized marketing experience and get glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

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7. SentiSum

SentiSum is an automated ticket tagging engine powered by natural language processing technology. With this integration, SentiSum tags can auto-fill form fields directly in Gorgias. From there, you can implement additional automation that saves agent time and improves customer outcomes.

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8. Yotpo

You can now receive Yotpo product reviews right in Gorgias and reply to them as tickets! This gives your agents visibility into how shoppers feel about your product and allows them to address concerns without ever leaving the helpdesk. Each ticket will include the review details (like score and product) and allow you to either reply publicly or privately, so you can customize the support experience.

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To add these integrations and discover more, go to the Gorgias App Store.


Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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