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Greenery Unlimited Blooms Into A 6-Figure Business With Shopify Fulfillment Network


Greenery Unlimited is not your mother’s plant business. Built on a decade of passion for natural design and a desire to help the plant-curious create a sustainable relationship with horticulture, co-founders Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullene are squashing the age-old misconception that houseplants are difficult to take care of. Rather, they believe anyone can be successful with plants anywhere, as long as they’re equipped with the right knowledge and tools.

And they needed specific tools of their own in order to ensure that their products could efficiently and easily make their way into customers’ hands. By partnering with Shopify Fulfillment Network, Greenery Unlimited was able to:

✅ Increase sales by an average of 2,000% in just two years

✅ Grow into a six-figure business

✅ Automatically distribute inventory

✅ Strengthen customer relationships with fast, on-time delivery

✅ Have more free time to focus on growing the business, developing new products, and expanding into new markets

Navigating growing pains

Every entrepreneur has their own vision of what success looks like. For Adam and Rebecca, it meant expanding Greenery Unlimited’s fruitful Brooklyn, New York–based brick-and-mortar business into an eminent online shop that could reach customers everywhere. It also meant forming strategic partnerships to streamline otherwise difficult fulfillment processes and operations.

Although Greenery Unlimited made its mark as one of the first online plant businesses in 2019, there were two major blockers keeping Adam and Rebecca’s commerce dream from growing roots: a complicated content management system and an unreliable 3PL provider. At the end of the day, they wanted to invest their energy into plants, not managing systems and holding partners accountable.

Man and woman standing side-by-side smiling at one another
Greenery Unlimited co-founders Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullene at the storefront in Brooklyn, NY

Sprouting new leaves for a more sustainable business

After months and months of managing up with their former 3PL and doing a lot of the heavy lifting themselves, everything changed in 2020 when Adam and Rebecca discovered Shopify Fulfillment Network. Greenery Unlimited had previously swapped its old CMS for a Shopify-powered site built via the Website Builder. The Brooklyn storefront was also fueled by Shopify’s Point of Sale system that allowed the co-founders to quickly reorder items and reduce stockouts. So when the opportunity arose to switch 3PL providers, it only made sense to add Shopify Fulfillment Network to its existing commerce stack for DTC fulfillment.

Store clerk ringing up a woman at a plant store filled with lush greenery
The checkout area at Greenery Unlimited’s Brooklyn storefront.

When Greenery Unlimited first planted the seeds with Shopify Fulfillment Network, it was in the midst of launching plant tools and accessories both across the U.S. and internationally. To ensure SFN could meet expectations (and service level agreements, of course), Adam and Rebecca inbounded only a small catalog of popular inventory to the SFN network to start. As the relationship (and Greenery Unlimited business) blossomed, more and more SKUs were added to eventually total 39 in 2022.

We had little to no experience in how to successfully fulfill our DTC orders, but SFN made getting started easier than ever. Their app is directly integrated with our Shopify store and POS system, which allows us to take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to fulfillment. We can trust that our inventory will ship on time, be where it said it would be at any given stage of the shipping process, and arrive to our customers in under three days. The value provided by SFN simply can’t be beat.

Four small plants in black pots of different sizes sitting on multiple surfaces in a studio
Greenery Unlimited’s self-watering planters in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nurturing customer relationships with exceptional delivery service

In addition to introducing more SKUs, Greenery Unlimited was also adding to its customer base. Adam and Rebecca’s decade-long plant passion has helped thousands of customers transform negative plant experiences into a prosperous relationship with botanical life.

This rapid growth, coupled with a mission rooted in customer service, meant that SFN’s delivery experience had to meet customer expectations:

  • The preconfigured Shopify Fulfillment app provided real-time data to keep track of customer orders and inventory levels. This allowed Greenery Unlimited to proactively react to any customer issues and avoid stockouts.
  • Quick delivery speeds from port to porch made a lasting impression on customers and increased customer retention.
  • Upfront transparent fulfillment costs allowed Greenery Unlimited to more accurately plan and pass along fair pricing to customers. 

    Key results

    Just as Greenery Unlimited provides the knowledge, tools, and accessories necessary to create a mutually beneficial exchange with plants, SFN has provided the necessary tools and expertise for Adam and Rebecca to simplify their business’s supply chain, products, and overall operations.

    If I could go back in time, I would choose Shopify Fulfillment Network as Greenery Unlimited’s 3PL provider from the very beginning. SFN solves the difficult fulfillment complications we faced when working with previous partners. They bring simplicity and accuracy to every stage of the fulfillment process—from picking to packing to shipping and everything in between. Choosing SFN as your fulfillment partner will be the best decision you make as an entrepreneur.

    A two-tiered, round black planter with a three-leaved plant sitting on top of a mirrored surface
    Light + Ladder: Fondra Self Watering Pot in Matte Black

    With Shopify Fulfillment Network, Greenery Unlimited was able to uncover its unique fulfillment needs and growth opportunities, and transform into a six-figure business.

    Looking ahead: What the future holds for Greenery Unlimited

    Now that Greenery Unlimited has strong commerce roots planted, Adam and Rebecca plan to expand the business further in 2023 with SFN by launching new products, growing the breadth of its online offering, and manufacturing quality tools built to last. Above all else, Greenery Unlimited will continue to strive toward being the resource for those who are plant-curious by simplifying plant care as much as possible.

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    This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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