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Guest Post: Another Layer Of Customer Loyalty With Curbside Pickup And Local Delivery


By now you have heard of curbside pickup, local delivery, and all of its variations such as “click and collect,” “in-store pickup” or “in-home delivery.” You are probably fans of these services when buying groceries, coffee, and other needs.

But if you’re only hearing of it now, curbside pickup is when a customer purchases an item and chooses to pick it up from a store’s designated area. Curbside pickup grew quickly in 2020. Many brick-and-mortar stores closed due to Coronavirus and shifted to new ways of keeping afloat. As a result, curbside pickup orders saw a 443% increase compared and local delivery orders increased by 600%, according to Shopify.

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Extra delivery options add to a positive customer experience. And they drive another layer of value to businesses, no matter the size, – customer loyalty. Customer loyalty comes from your customer associating you with the best brand and experience resulting in the desire to shop with you again. Loyal customers have a high purchase rate thanks to the established trust they have with you. And, they will choose your brand over your competitors. 

With curbside pickup, local delivery, or any new service you add to your business, the goal is to provide a better customer experience to your customers so they choose to purchase from you again and again. 

Keep reading to find out exactly how curbside pickup and local delivery can increase customer loyalty for your brand.

Customer loyalty with a new service

New services bring opportunities to become more accessible to your customers. Curbside pickup and local delivery services benefit a whole range of consumers such as:

  • Working professionals 
  • Parents who need to pickup groceries on items they need
  • The everyday customer 
  • Or elderly citizens 

The more products are accessible to consumers, the easier it is for them to keep coming back to your brand. And, the more opportunity you have to build better customer relationships. During this past BFCM, sales grew 76% compared to the previous year for brands on Shopify alone. Because of 2020’s increase in sales compared to previous years, it’s safe to say these new services are here to stay.

Acquiring new customers 

Acquiring new customers is another benefit to offering curbside pickup and local delivery. Customers love the ability to decide which service best fits their schedule, time, and lifestyle. These services not only boosts orders but also build a bridge for the discovery of new products. Data shows that online shoppers have a 25% higher cart size when ordering and choosing local delivery or curbside pickup as an option.  

Local delivery expands reach by giving you the ability to deliver quickly and affordably to a maximum radius. This builds brand loyalty among the local community. And, with supporting local and independent brands being such a trend right now, local delivery is a way that will propel you to stand out. 

Local delivery improves the customer experience by removing shipping costs, reducing the risk of lost packages and delays. All of these are reasons why customers abandon shopping carts. By removing these reasons, you’re reducing the chance of customers hesitating to order and changing their minds, which will positively impact your sales. 

For local brick-and-mortar stores, curbside pickup is the perfect service for you to implement if you’re new to selling online and have limited staff and resources. If your customers are used to visiting you in-store, curbside pickup is a natural way to encourage local shoppers to buy online.

A few tips to efficiently provide curbside pickup and local delivery are: 

  • Have a managing system in place, whether it is an app, a plugin, or native solutions with your ecommerce platform 
  • Think about everything! And we mean everything. Every detail matters in the customer’s journey from how they purchase to how they receive their order
  • And, promote your new services. Let your customers know they have new additional ways to shop 

Global pandemic proof

Curbside pickup and local delivery give you the ability to be “pandemic proof”. They give you more options that allow you to continue business even when unpredictable events get in the way. And generally, they give you more options to reach your customers in any circumstance and give you new ways to provide a great experience. 

Customer loyalty is an invaluable aspect of your business. It drives repeat customers and a high customer lifetime value. Whether they love your product or keep coming back to try new things because the experience was the best, loyal customers increase your revenue. With loyal customers, you’re creating brand ambassadors that give you the best form of marketing out there, word-of-mouth. Telling their networks about your brand and creating a high referral rate that is cost-effective for you. 

In Europe, retail ecommerce sales grew by 17% in 2020 and there’s no stopping the growth of ecommerce anytime soon. Businesses of all shapes and sizes must adapt to trends, including curbside pickup and local delivery, to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible and increase customer loyalty. 

About the author

Jonathan Roque from Zapiet

Jonathan Roque is a Marketing Strategist for Zapiet, Shopify's recommended in-store pickup and local delivery solution. Jonathan is passionate about the ecommerce space and helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and maximize their potential. You can follow him over at @zapiet.uk on Instagram and @zapiet on Twitter.

Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.
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