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Guest post: Loyal customers – let your personalised data work for you

Leveraging personalised data for guest loyalty.

Pop-ups and CRO experts, Justuno, show how you can use your data in inventive ways to get personal with your customers. 

Justuno Personalised Popups

2020 will be a year of individuals paying more attention to how companies are using their data. The GDPR rollout has heightened individual awareness globally. And with the CCPA ( a US-version of GDPR) starting first in California with other states soon following suit, ecommerce retailers in the United States can expect the same level of heightened awareness.

That’s good news! And here’s why: personalisation is the key to keeping customers happy and loyal especially when privacy laws are getting tighter.

Let’s look at an entire customer journey to understand how to:

  • Acquire and segment visitors while respecting their data preferences
  • Nurture them toward a conversion based on their segment
  • Turn them into a loyal customer with continued personalisation

Let website visitor data preferences work for you

Gone are the days of reckless data. Website visitors care and they are aware.

This is a positive change for you: With heightened awareness around data, you now give your website visitors a voice to tell you exactly what they want (or don’t want) from you – a marketer’s dream!

With laws like GDPR and CCPA (see above for links if you skipped the intro), you now glean information from your website visitors on how they want to be communicated with. Though this may seem vague or like a basic data point in the form of a checkbox, it’s actually a crucial indicator. By default, these data preferences make your email marketing list healthier and more effective, since quality email lists produce revenue.

When a user feels confident about opting-in to your marketing, knowing that you are going to respect their preferences, they are more likely to be an engaged subscriber. And engaged subscribers spend 66% more than an average customer and are more loyal. Meaning that these extra privacy steps work in your favour driving both engagement and revenue.

 ✅ Privacy in place. Now supercharge your segment

Now that a healthy email list is in place, you can build off the data preferences you’ve collected with more information to create compelling segments.

For users that are opted-in to your marketing communications, start collecting other information that can help funnel them into the best segment inside your email service provider (ESP) or other marketing tools. This is the first step to personalising your communications.

65% of customers said they were motivated to be loyal by receiving personalised offers. As a shopper, you would be much more responsive if you entered a store and were guided to products you were interested in by communicating with the person on the floor. An on-site shopping experience should be the same.

When a new website visitor is shown your opt-in offer, you can also collect information to personalise their follow-up or “welcome series” email sequence. Examples of this could be:

  • Gender
  • Clothing/shoe size
  • Birthday
  • Favourite sports team

Data Capture Popup

Additionally, you can collect hidden data points like:

  • IP / location
  • First URL landed on this visit
  • The referring URL

Follow the best practices for creating a perfect pop-up to set up a strong foundation for personalising marketing communications with your new visitors.

 ✅ Nurture to a conversion with personalisation

Now that you’ve put in the work to lay a good foundation, the next step is to put your data to work. If you’ve passed information back to your ESP, you can now send out an appropriate follow-up email.

What are the necessities?

  1. An attractive action for the recipient to take (Are you offering a discount? Can they shop the most popular item in the category they’re interested in? Why are they clicking?)
  2. This message mirrored on your site after the recipient clicks through
  3. (Optional) timer for a sense of urgency or to create a FOMO effect

Let’s say you’ve established a pretty big segment of subscribers who are:

  • New visitors
  • Women
  • Located in Texas (United States)
  • And in their first visit, they landed on your lip gloss category page

You can now send them an email:

  • Showing them the most-purchased lip gloss
  • Giving them a “welcome” discount (eg. “HELLOLIPS” for 20% Off)
  • Showing them the stores in Texas where they can purchase your product

Now, once the visitor clicks through to your site, you can use UTM parameters to display a website banner with the code “HELLOLIPS”. The user can click to apply the discount to the checkout automatically. And, you can even throw a timer on the bar for increased urgency.

Utm Banner

Great! Success on using personalisation to nurture this customer to their first purchase. Now, what’s next?

 ✅ Creating a loyal customer with personalisation

Understanding your post-purchase cadence will guide you to develop a unique flow for these new visitors who make their first purchase.

You can follow-up with the standard transactional emails confirming their order and shipping information. Then, once you feel you’ve given it enough time (this is truly unique to your ecommerce purchaser subscriber list and customer lifecycles) it’s time to make your next ask via email.

This email can show additional, related products to their last purchase or even items that complement their purchase.

In the case of lipgloss, this next email might contain your best-selling mascara, face moisturiser, and eyebrow pencil.

This is a great opportunity to also offer an incentive to join your loyalty program and earn rewards.  78% of the customers want to be individually recognised and rewarded for their loyalty so making an offer at this point in the customer journey is a great opportunity.

Once the user clicks through this email you can create a message bar or pop-up to remind the user to register for your loyalty program. You can create a button in the bar or pop-up directing them to the right page. Mirroring this message on-site is key to growing your loyalty program and making the most out of your email marketing.

Loyalty Program Popup Never Fully Dressed

 ✅ In-page cross-sells and upsells

You can also mirror the complimentary items outlined in your email when the user clicks through with an in-page cross-sell. At Justuno, we have the ability to digest your product catalogue and display offers in-page as if they are native to your product page design.

This is an easy and effective way to personalise the on-site experience of a customer who’s already made their first purchase and are prime for being nurtured into a loyal customer.

In Cart Pop Ups

Bryan Anthony’s used this approach by adding an upsell offer that looked like a native part of their cart and increased their conversions by 137%.

It’s never been easier than now

Today is the best time to start getting more personal with your customers. Yes, there are new privacy laws. Yes, we can expect even more. Yes, customers are more aware about their data. But all of these changes are good. This all means, as an ecommerce marketer, whatever contacts you acquire starting today, will likely be more engaged and have higher lifetime value.

To learn more about how website messaging can help build your loyalty program, check out this recent Ecommerce Espresso episode with our CEO, Erik.

About Justuno

Justuno is an AI-powered visitor conversion platform trusted by Shopify retailers of all size. Utilizing billions of data-points, it provides intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and actionable insights that turn clicks into conversions. From upsell and cross-sell to exit offers and abandoned cart recovery, messaging banners, and more — Justuno has it all.

This article was originally published by our friends at LoyaltyLion.

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