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Establishing Growth with the Guestographic Method

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A company’s SEO strategy is perhaps the single most important component of achieving real, significant growth, as SEO plays an integral role in determining how large of an audience the company’s website will be able to reach.


There are many SEO strategies that can be found on the web, however not all are created equally. In fact, there are so many SEO strategies out there that it can be difficult to determine which one is best for a specific case. One unique method that provides proven results is the Guestographic Method.


The first step to increasing traffic with the Guestographic Method is to create a stunning and unique infographic related to a page’s niche.


Choosing an interesting and relevant topic plays the biggest role in creating a good infographic, making it absolutely necessary that the topic be chosen wisely. In addition, the infographic’s visuals should be unique and aesthetically pleasing, as unattractive infographics will get nowhere.


Once a professional and well-designed infographic has been created, it’s time to reach out to others that may be interested in its use. Find prospects by searching for relevant keywords, and create a list of all potential interests.


After creating a list of potential partners, begin reaching out to them:


  • Send quick, professionally written emails that first ask the person if they are interested in seeing the infographic.
  • Don’t sound pushy in the email, but act friendly and don’t give off the impression that you are only looking to get something out of the recipient.
  • Wait until a confirmation email has been sent. Send the infographic once the recipient has determined that they would like to see it.


Along with the infographic, the delivery email should also offer a small proposal to make the process a little easier for the other person. Offer to create unique content to coincide with the infographic, in order to save the blogger time and money having content written themselves.


While writing the introduction makes it easier to secure backlinks to an infographic, it also provides the opportunity for a brand to market themselves within the post, including additional backlinks or product mentions. These are absolutely necessary, and should be included with all infographics.
Finding an effective SEO strategy can be time consuming, and can often become very frustrating after a number of different methods have been tested. Those looking to establish permanent, long-term growth should consider implementing the Guestographic Method into their SEO strategy, as it very efficiently connects brands with bloggers, helping them increase their outreach to new audiences.


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