Handshake: A New Way to Do Wholesale on Shopify


Wholesale marketplaces have been a game-changer for both suppliers and retailers. Which is a good thing.

After all, nobody’s eager to select items by line sheet number, or keep track of emails scattered throughout their inbox.

Online wholesale just took another big step forward with the launch of Handshake, the brand new wholesale marketplace built and operated by Shopify. Whether you’re a retailer hoping to round out your catalog or a supplier looking to land new business, Handshake is for you.

a look at the front and back end of handshake's wholesale marketplace

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As a wholesale marketplace, Handshake:

  • Gives retailers access to tens of thousands of products from handpicked suppliers 
  • Brings new business to brands that sell wholesale
  • Connects retailers and suppliers to create lasting, scalable relationships

Best of all, Handshake does this all from within the Shopify ecosystem. So if you’re already using Shopify, your inventory, billing, and orders will all be in the same places you’re used to.

Source products from wholesalers

handshake for sourcing products

We talked with retailers from all over North America before building Handshake. And that’s why we’re thrilled to offer the following:

  • Less searching, more sales. Handshake is a curated lookbook of cool products, which means you get to the good stuff faster, online, and with Handshake’s speedy search and filtering.
  • Products that wow from one-of-a-kind brands. Stock your store with on-trend items that customers will love. All brands on Handshake are handpicked, so you know you’ll shop from distinctive makers from across the United States. Want local products? Try the “suppliers from” filter.
  • Meet the makers. Strike up relationships with the brains (and hands) behind unique items. Deal directly with independent creators, not resellers, who know their products and stories inside out, and own the brand their products carry.

Sell your products to retailers

what handshake looks like as a wholesaler

So, that’s Handshake from the retail side. Trending products, meaningful search features, and the chance to grow with committed partners.

Now, how does Handshake work for creators who want to sell wholesale?

  • There are no fees. It’s free to join Handshake. And whether you’re making your first sale or your 50th, there are no commissions. Scale your sales without scaling your fees.
  • Manage your wholesale business on Shopify. Handshake is built by Shopify, which means suppliers can manage their wholesale business in the same ecosystem and backend as the rest of their business on Shopify. Wave goodbye to those CSV files: Your Handshake products are a reflection of your Shopify products.
  • Retailers you can trust with your brand. Handshake is committed to unlocking long-lasting relationships between brands and retailers. That’s why retailers must have a reseller ID to join and buy on Handshake.

Handshake: The wholesale solution for Shopify 

We’re turning Handshake into the meeting point of wholesale. New brands and retailers are joining all the time, and we hope you’re next.

Between our New Arrivals catalog and weekly email featuring incredible products, we make sure that both curators and creators have the selection and exposure they need to grow.

If you want to take a closer look at what Handshake has to offer, stop by our marketplace today.

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Special thanks to our friends at Shopify for their insights on this topic.
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