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Happy Returns Launches Retail Industry’s First Comprehensive Cross-Brand ‘BORIS’ Solution

Happy Returns Launches Retail Industry’s First Comprehensive Cross-Brand ‘BORIS’ Solution

The system is now powering SHEIN online returns to Forever 21 stores

With the rapid increase in the number of returns from online purchases, retailers have worked to direct those “BORIS” (buy-online-return-in-store) returns into their physical stores—to increase customer satisfaction, decrease return costs, and drive follow-on purchases.

Many of the largest retailers, who operate multiple brands both online and in stores, have long wanted the ability to seamlessly accept returns from all their brands across their entire network.

Happy Returns, a UPS company, has introduced a first-of-its-kind BORIS solution that enables enterprise retailers to accept box-free, label-free returns and exchanges across their full store network. The system includes several software and reverse logistics components, described below, that can be easily adapted to successfully serve a wide range of customer needs and configurations.

“Over the past eight years, we've developed cross-brand box-free returns from an innovative idea to an enterprise-grade solution,” says David Sobie, co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns. “Now we're leveraging our technology, expertise and scale in reverse logistics to be the first to enable retailers to seamlessly accept returns throughout their full networks.”

Launch with SHEIN and Forever 21

One of the first brands to adopt Happy Returns' innovative BORIS solution is global online fashion and lifestyle retailer, SHEIN. The brand, which has partnered with Authentic Brands Group's Forever 21, offers its 150 million U.S. shoppers the convenience of hassle-free physical returns at Forever 21's more than 300 continental U.S. stores nationwide.

“We are always looking for new ways to optimize the shopping experience for SHEIN customers – from speedier delivery to easy returns,” said George Chiao, President, SHEIN U.S. “Happy Returns has pioneered a seamless, simple returns model and we are excited to launch this offering across hundreds of Forever 21 stores across the country.”

“Forever 21 is looking forward to offering an easy customer experience for SHEIN shoppers looking to return their items while also introducing our brand to an even broader audience. Once SHEIN shoppers complete their return we are pleased to offer a same-day discount on their next Forever 21 purchase,” said Winnie Park, CEO, Forever 21.

Five key features of Happy Returns' solution for delivering cross-brand BORIS returns to retailers at scale:

  1. Return portal agnostic: Happy Returns' cross-brand BORIS solution works with any return portal software for shoppers to initiate a return. Retailers can use their own portal or Happy Returns® software to generate QR codes for box-free drop off and direct shoppers to any store designated in the merchant's network.

  2. Point-of-sale agnostic: Happy Returns provides software that powers the workflow to receive and verify cross-brand, box-free returns in store. This software is compatible with any POS system that supports a browser window, ensuring the setup process is lightweight and adaptable to various retail environments.

  3. Reverse logistics: Once returns are dropped off, Happy Returns provides configurable reverse logistics options to move inventory to the next best place for sale — whether that means keeping it in-store, moving it to a different store in the retailer's network, or shipping returns to an e-commerce warehouse. Everything from shipping supplies to coordinating pick-ups to shipping the inventory can be included, along with visibility to track returned goods on each step of their journey.

  4. Location management: Happy Returns provides an experienced team to train and support merchants’ store employees, ensuring store associates can succeed and shoppers can enjoy the same, friction-free return experience that earned Happy Returns a 93 Net Promoter Score rating across its own Return Bar® network.

  5. Patent-pending fraud detection: Happy Returns cross-brand BORIS solution includes specialized POS software, proven processes, and a dedicated team that actively monitors, manages, and supports locations to help prevent return fraud.


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This article originally appeared on Happy Returns and is available here for further discovery.
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