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Hawke Media Voted the #1 Best Workplace for Dogs (By Dogs) in America | Blog | Hawke Media


It was a great day for people and an even greater day for dogs, here at Hawke Media.

Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman shared the barking great news company-wide at the 9 am team meeting.

“I just got word… and it’s official! We were voted ‘The #1 Best Workplace for Dogs (By Dogs) in America.’ We are taking home a ‘Woofy!’”

Son of the CEO and resident good boy Jefe Huberman accepted the award on behalf of his canine companions.

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We look forward to honoring long-standing tradition for years to come.

Please enjoy a look at some of our favorite puppy pals that made this award possible and what they love most about Hawke Media:

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“I love Hawke because they know what a dog likes!” ~Winston, Chihuahua

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”The humans at Hawke don’t judge me. When I lick myself, nobody cares. They made me feel at home.” ~Hannah, Shitzu Maltese

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“Hawke has the best snacks! The Himalayan cheese chews are to die for.” ~Zuko, Wild Dog

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“They understand how important a nice cuddle can be when you’re having a tough day…and they aren’t creepy about it. Shout out to Elle and Paria in sales!” ~Zuzzie, Aussie

This article originally appeared in the HawkeMedia blog and has been published here with permission.

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