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Templates to Create Intriguing and Eye-Catching Headlines

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When a reader selects a link from Google’s search page, the main reason they do so is as a result of an eye-catching headline.


Think about it: what is the very first part of a blog that a visitor sees when searching for content? The headlines of the articles, because they are the first introduction most readers have to the article they are about to read.


In fact, you very likely selected this article because of the title, and this should an important part of any content marketing strategy.


When blog titles are intriguing and unique, they stand out among competitors, making them more shareable once on social media. In addition, great headlines will stand out when listed near sub-par headlines, which in turn will give them a great advantage over the competition.


Coming up with great blog headlines isn’t rocket science, and there are a few templates that can be used as inspiration if you ever find yourself with writer's block.


Some ideas are simple, such as:


  1. # of Tips About ___
  2. _____ vs. _____
  3. # Bad _____ Habits
  4. _____ Facts and Myths
  5. # Ways to ______


Other use information as their platform for grabbing attention:


  1. What Everyone Ought to Know About _____
  2. Little Known Ways to _______
  3. A Cheat Sheet For ______-
  4. The Ultimate Guide to ______
  5. ______: The Ultimate Checklist


How-to articles are some of the most popular on the web, and it’s no secret that using the How-to platform as a base for good titles:


  1. How to _____ Like a Pro
  2. How to _____ is # Seconds
  3. What To Do With ______
  4. How to _____ that drives _____
  5. Where to find _____


Other great headlines create a sense of urgency in the reader, encouraging them to read the rest of the article:


  1. How to Rock _____
  2. How to ____ in # Easy Steps
  3. # Quick Tips
  4. The Real Truth About ____
  5. The Secret of Successful _____


Finally, perhaps the most popular template of all is the “overpromise.” Readers want to feel informed from the articles they read, and confident, promising titles are an excellent way to get clicks:


  1. Top World Cheapest/Best/Worst_______
  2. The # Deadly Sins of _________
  3. # Essential Steps to ________
  4. # Kick-ass Ways to ________
  5. # Killer Strategies to ________


This list is by no means comprehensive, but does contain many tried and true title templates that may prove useful to your blogs posts. Give them a try, and take note of any changes with engagement. If there is at least a small increase, it could very likely be due to the titles.


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