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Is it possible to double revenue per visit in just one week using Amazon’s product recommendation algorithms? More and more Shopify brands are saying ‘yes’. Here’s what we’ve learned so far and how your brands can try it.  

A few months ago, we launched HiConversion Recommend to take on what may be the most enduring problem Shopify brands faceconnecting shoppers with the right products before they decide to leave.  

Since then, over 350 Shopify brands have learned 3 important lessons (details below) about how visitors really interact with their sites just like yours. 

The results speak for themselves:

After repeatedly seeing these kinds of results for various brands, we were inspired to launch the 7-Day Product Recommendation Challenge. The easiest way for Shopify stores to test Amazon’s own one-of-a-kind personalization algorithms. 

But before we get into how you can get started, let’s look at some of the most useful insights we’ve gained from analyzing shoppers behavior on Shopify sites. 

1) Personalization needs to be based on real-time behavior  

Conventional recommendations are relevant for about 10% of your visitors – those like your existing customers. 

With HiConversion Recommend, recommendations are relevant for 90% or more visitors – those who wouldn’t normally buy. 

Why ignore the majority of your visitors when you can unlock new revenue from this ‘cold’ traffic? 

The truth is, your existing non-buyers are highly diverse audiences with unpredictable needs – to unlock their revenue potential you need a product recommendation solution capable of detecting and adapting to their buying signals in real time.

2) Shopify brands have a mobile product discovery problem 

On average, mobile shoppers spend less time on your site compared to desktop visitors. 

And, visitors’ average time on site directly correlates with revenue per visitor (RPV) metric. This which explains why mobile revenue per visit is way below desktop RPV. 

By personalizing recommendations with HiConversion Recommend, this fitness brand is boosting mobile visitor time on site:

As a result, they’re significantly increasing RPV of (new) visitors who are engaging with recommended products.

3) Most Shopify sites aren’t doing enough to keep visitors engaged  

The majority of Shopify stores have a few product recommendations on a handful of pages, like product or cart pages, while large parts of their site is just static content. is blowing ‘conventional wisdom’ out the water and treating almost the entire site as a dynamic, product recommendation engine. 

To prove the value of Amazon’s approach, we analyzed this site’s performance as we increased the number of recommendations:

We discovered, while visitors engaging with product recommendations increased incrementally, new revenue influenced by recommendations increased exponentially.

The new way to win and keep more customers  

HiConversion Recommend, in tandem with Amazon’s proven session-based algorithms, can rapidly improve your eCommerce metrics without adding additional workload to your team. 

Some of the ongoing benefits are: 

  • New Revenue Growth 

On average, 90% of your visitors never add a product to the cart and leave – unlock the revenue potential from your ‘cold’ traffic. 

  • Increased Lifetime Value 

Getting more revenue from existing customers is challenging – enable lifecycle management to influence additional purchases. 

  • Improved Site KPIs 

Low conversion and high cart abandonment rates kill your growth – improve buying experiences for directly measurable lift. 

  • Reduced Mobile Revenue Gaps 

Your mobile metrics are significantly lagging behind desktop metrics – increase mobile visitor engagements to close the gap. 

How the 7-Day Product Recommendation Challenge works for you 

 Once you reserve your seat, here’s what happens next: 

1. Kickoff Call & Install 

Built for Shopify and Shopify Plus, we’ll quickly assess your business and confirm whether we can help. Once installed, our system crunches your store data to determine the best recommendation strategy for your visitors. 

2. Approve & Go-Live 

We send you fully created recommendations to approve. We can make any final tweaks you like, then set them live. You’ve officially started your 7-day challenge! 

3. See Your Results & Become a Customer 

You’ll see a detailed dashboard containing your initial results. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through the results and get your feedback. 

4. Bonus: 90-day premium onboarding service ($5,000 in value) 

Available for 7-Day Challenge participants who become paying customers – fully implement HiConversion Recommend without the effort. 

What eCommerce pros are saying about HiConversion Recommend (the 5-star Shopify app)

HiConversion Recommend is the intelligent approach to eCommerce, personalizing our visitors’ shopping experience to get the best products in front of our customers with the bonus of increasing our revenue.” 

– Kristina Burbich, Head of eCommerce, Lilly Lashes 

“If you are looking to replicate the Amazon product discovery experience on your own site to influence more conversions and sales, this is the app for you. We went live quickly, and continue to add automated recommendations across our whole site, including the cart. The support team have been very helpful during our initial rollout, and the Amazon Personalize machine learning is a seriously powerful stuff!” 

– Head of eCommerce, Fitness Brand 

HiConversion Recommend has been one of the best AI product recommendation solutions we have deployed. We are already seeing the significant positive impact on key metrics like; RPV, conversion rate, average order value, and time on site. The HiConversion team has been wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful & an extra asset if you have a smaller team.” 

– Head of eCommerce, Cosmetics Brand 

Learn more about the 7-Day Product Recommendation Challenge and claim your seat today. 

Dino Juklo

Author: Dino Juklo

Content Marketing Manager