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High-Converting Content Strategies to Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season


Your content strategy should convert readers into customers – if your content isn’t leading to sales, your strategy is missing the mark.

Content marketing makes up the first stage of your sales funnel: it draws in your target audience and guides them from their initial interest to their purchase. If your content isn’t guiding your shopper through your sales funnel, it isn’t leading to conversions.

Which Types of Content Convert?

Certain content types are more effective at converting customers than others. By using content which is proven to convert, you can take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Product Videos

According to recent surveys∫:

– 73% of adult shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.
– 58% of online shoppers believe a brand is more trustworthy if they feature product videos on their website.
– 96% of shoppers use product videos to help them make purchases.

What does this mean for your online store? It means product videos are one of the best ways to convert store visitors to loyal customers.

Shopping online requires a certain level of trust between the shopper and the merchant, as the shopper cannot use or feel the product in-person prior to making the purchase. Product videos help eliminate any hesitation your shopper may have about a purchase by showing the product in-action.

Buying Guides

Sometimes your shopper may be ready to buy, but they need a few answers before committing to a purchase. This is where buying guides become helpful.

Shoppers seek buying guides when they are interested in a product and they want to know more about it. By outlining the product’s specifications and how it can be used, you can answer any questions in your shopper’s mind which stand between them and a purchase.

When writing buyer’s guides, answer the following questions:

– How can your customers use the product?
– What is the product’s end goal?
– Which problems does the product solve?
– Are there any other products which could be used to solve   the same problem? If so, why is this one better?
– What are the product’s unique features? How do those unique features benefit the customer?

These are questions shoppers commonly ask before making a purchase. Answer them thoroughly in your buyer’s guide to increase your conversion rate.

Product Pages

Product pages are the single most important type of content when it comes to making conversions. Your product page descriptions paint a picture of the item being sold to the customer before they commit to a purchase. Many of your shoppers may not watch your videos or read your buying guides, but nearly all will read a product’s description before they buy.

When you create your product descriptions, aim to meet two goals above all else:

– Engage your audience with the product’s information – lifeless lists of facts do little to garner interest from shoppers.
– Depict the product’s value to your customer – show them why they should buy the item and the many ways it can help them.

Use the following tips to create effective and engaging product pages which will increase your conversions and sell your products:

– Include actionable and interesting headlines for your product description to catch the attention of your reader.
– Present a common problem, then describe how a customer could solve it using the product.
– Write your product descriptions using a second-person narrative to better connect with them.
– Use the four “magic words” of content conversion: free, guaranteed, you, new.

How have these types of content helped increase your conversion rate? Which other types of highly converting content did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!



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