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Highlights From Shopify Editions: Connect To Consumer


Here at Shopify, we’ve always powered direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce; it’s in our DNA. 

Today’s consumers are craving deeper connections. And the brands that adapt to meet this need are the ones who will ultimately win. That’s why Shopify is powering this next generation of commerce with innovative new products. We want to help you build real, long-term connections that make your business work.

Like our merchants, Shopify is always growing and changing. As an evolving platform, we release a lot of products—so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep up with every update and new release. And we know it’s not always easy to tell which of the dozens of new features are the most important to your business or aligned with your current goals. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Shopify Editions: a new experience to help you make the most of the full breadth of our products.

More context, more stories, more helpful

Twice a year, we’ll release a new Editions experience,  curating our latest product releases with context and guidance to help you zero in on what matters to you. Instead of a simple list of updates, Shopify Editions tells the story of our products, explaining why they matter to your business. 

The Summer ’22 Edition features 100+ new and updated products that give merchants of all sizes around the world the toolkit they need to remain independent, meet the challenges of today’s business environment, and succeed into the future.

Looking to the most critical market forces and buyer demands that impact the way our merchants sell, each Edition will focus on a theme that is most relevant to these ever-changing forces of commerce.

New ways to connect to consumers

Shopify Editions Summer '22: Connect to Consumer

It’s no secret that commerce has shifted in recent years, accelerated by the demands of the pandemic, causing a massive increase in competition for the same audience.

With online privacy regulations also changing rapidly, forging long-term relationships with customers is more challenging and expensive than ever—and also more important. 

Over the past few years, customers have come to expect a values-based connection with the brands they shop with, in addition to more personalized experiences. So, learning how to build and maintain those connections is crucial.

That’s why, for our first Shopify Editions release, we’re highlighting the importance of building meaningful relationships with your customers. 

We’ve coined this new phase Connect to Consumer (C2C): the natural evolution of D2C commerce. To succeed in the C2C era, brands and businesses must build long-term relationships and loyal communities, forming genuine connections with consumers in new channels and ways. Merchants need to know how to create unique, personalized experiences that keep customers returning again and again—and we’ve got just the tools to help.

We thought a lot about the customer funnel and how our product and investments would map to that. And that’s why you’ll see that our Summer ’22 Edition is organized into short, bite-sized chapters, with a selection of products related to each one. In this release, we’ve focused on six important aspects of the C2C journey:

  1. Finding customers
  2. Converting shoppers 
  3. Creating your story
  4. Building relationships
  5. Handling your business
  6. Scaling and building 

Read all six chapters in order, or skip around to the sections that interest you most—it’s up to you. No matter what you pick, you’ll find helpful insights and curated product recommendations to help you grow your business.

Stay up-to-date with our latest product releases

To kick off our first Editions experience, we’re highlighting the products you need to help your business adapt and thrive in the C2C era:

Hydrogen + Oxygen 

Build fast, headless storefronts with a React-based framework built by Shopify, for Shopify. From pre-built components and starter templates to hooks and utilities that map directly to Shopify’s APIs, Hydrogen gives you the tooling you need to accelerate development. Once you’re ready to launch, deploy your storefront directly to the edge with Oxygen, our global hosting solution that’s just a simple “git push” away.

Shopify Capital

Get easy access to the funding you need to grow your business. Shopify Capital has increased funding for first-time borrowers to help them accelerate growth and go farther, faster.

Shop Cash

This year, Shopify’s most popular checkout will give buyers millions of dollars in Shop Cash for their Shop Pay purchases. With Shop Cash Boosts, you can create offers to gain new customers who are already using the Shop app.

Dovetale by Shopify

Level up your affiliate program with Dovetale, the all-in-one tool for Shopify merchants to build valuable relationships with creators. 


Turn your followers into customers through your social bio with Linkpop—a free link in bio tool designed for commerce, powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout.

Twitter Shopping

Twitter’s new Shopify app will allow you to leverage Twitter as a sales channel, so you can reach new customers on one of the world’s largest social networks.

Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets simplifies international selling by helping you reach new geographic markets, customize the buying experience for local customers, and optimize your business to grow global sales—all from one place in your Shopify admin. 

Shop Pay Enhancements

New Shop Pay enhancements include Shopify Protect , Shopify Payments expansion into new countries, and Shop Pay Installments Adaptive Checkout. Together, these releases protect merchants from fraudulent chargebacks, offers shoppers a buy-now-pay-later solution, and more.

Token Gated Commerce

Unlock exclusive commerce experiences and build customer loyalty with your NFTs.

Customer Engagement Tools

Never miss a customer connection. Build beautiful, on-brand campaigns with Shopify Email customization tools. Save time by automating emails, and increase conversions by targeting specific customer groups. Foster stronger relationships by offering chat wherever your customers are with Shopify Inbox.  And soon, you’ll be able to grow your customer list and capture important customer data with the ability to put forms on every page.


With this major update to metafields, you can now add metafields across more places like customers and orders, and add multiple content entries to one metafield with metafield lists, You can also view metafield content in the product descriptions on your POS and store customer metafields in customer profiles to create segmentations for marketing campaigns.  

Shopify Admin Enhancements

Shopify is always improving the admin experience. This bundle enables enhanced bulk editing, app pinning & recommendations, app activity logging, quality improvements, additional permissions, and more.  


New sustainability updates enable you to neutralize your shipping emissions, purchase carbon offsets with Shop Pay, and use storefront badging to display your commitment to potential shoppers.

Shopify Planet App

Order and Inventory Management

We’re giving you a complete, reliable, efficient, and extensible order management, fulfillment and inventory solution to help you work more efficiently, expedite fulfillments with bulk label printing, automate repetitive tasks, accurately track inventory, and exceed buyer expectations.

Shopify Balance

Get paid faster, track performance, and earn rewards with a money management account and card powered by Visa.

Explore Shopify Editions

Ready to get started? Shopify Editions is live now, so head over to learn what our latest releases can do for you.

Visit Shopify Editions

This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
Shopify Editions: Introducing An Ever-Evolving B2B Experience, Targeted Marketing Tools, And The Most Customizable Version Of Shopify Ever

Shopify Editions: Introducing An Ever-Evolving B2B Experience, Targeted Marketing Tools, And The Most Customizable Version Of Shopify Ever

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