Fix Employee-Related Issues in Your Workplace By Hiring This One Important Team Member

What roles do you think of when you think about your corporate team?

In today’s business landscape, corporations have all kinds of workers filling particular roles. Software developers, marketers, support staff, technicians, and even artists could be there. Everyone has a role to play in the workplace, and your business will quickly start to crumble if that team isn’t balanced and can support itself through tough workplace challenges.

But no matter what industry you’re a part of or how large your business is, there are usually a few staple roles that should be filled for the company to be successful and organized. For instance, almost every business needs an account to manage financial responsibilities. There should also be an overall leader, such as a CEO, who directs most of the company’s choices and steers them to reach their vision.

However, one role is quickly gaining popularity across workplaces of all shapes and sizes. One that people often forget about, yet it could fix all employee-related issues in the workplace. That role is the corporate chaplain.

What is a corporate chaplain?

In a religious context, a chaplain is a religious leader who offers spiritual care, such as providing meaning and hope to struggling people. In a corporate context, a chaplain offers a similar role but deals with most problems that arise from employees.

Also known as a workplace chaplain, a corporate chaplain offers guidance to employees. They can sometimes be affiliated with a religion, but this usually isn’t the case unless there are particular situations in the workplace, such as support groups designed for various religious groups. In most situations, a workplace chaplain focuses on improving employees' spiritual and emotional health.

But what exactly does that mean?

Put, any issue that arises that could cause an employee's emotional or mental problems is dealt with by a corporate chaplain. For instance, if an employee feels stressed in the workplace due to responsibilities and challenges outside the workplace, a corporate chaplain can help provide emotional support. If they think something can be done to assist that employee, they often have the power to make those changes themselves, or they can forward a request to a senior staff member. This could include giving employees time off or switching them to a different role.

A corporate chaplain is far more effective when they have a deeper understanding of the business they work for, how their employees operate, and what common stress factors they face. Hiring a dedicated corporate chaplain is often the best move for a more significant business. However, general emotional support can be provided by outsourced corporate chaplains as well. Sometimes, a smaller business may assign an existing employee as a corporate chaplain, who will provide emotional support to their colleagues and work duties.

Responsibilities of a corporate chaplain

A corporate chaplain has many different responsibilities, but it will all depend on the type of role they are expected to fulfill. Here are a few of their duties and how they can benefit your company.

The most basic responsibility of any corporate chaplain is to provide emotional support. They’re trained to offer advice, listen carefully to others, and also understand how factors like stress and anxiety can negatively affect one’s performance in the workplace. They are also trained in helping people face and deal with workplace-related challenges or external factors such as family conflicts, grief, and even physical illness.

Providing emotional support can often be done one-to-one with individual employees. However, there can also be group activities designed to reduce your teams' stress before or after a stressful crunch period.

Spiritual guidanceWhile is less common than other forms of assistance, a corporate chaplain can offer spiritual guidance in some cases. This is more important for giant corporations with hundreds or thousands of staff members. Among that large number is likely a group of religious people that would like to seek spiritual guidance rooted in their faith or cultural traditions and belief systems.

This offers a much more personalized emotional support service that can provide more significant benefits. It shows that your company cares about different belief systems and that you accept people from all walks of life. A willingness to accommodate like this is a great way to retain employees and show your team that you want to listen and provide as much emotional support as possible.

Resolving conflicts in the workplace

Corporate chaplains are also expected to resolve conflicts in the workplace at times. For instance, if employees struggle to cope with stress due to being ridiculed or attacked by their colleagues, a corporate chaplain can be brought in to resolve the conflict. The ideal resolution will depend on the circumstances, but this is one method of mediating and resolving any disputes before they can slow down your productivity.


A corporate chaplain can provide various services to resolve many employee-related issues. A corporate chaplain usually has many responsibilities, from emotional support to mediating disputes. When the role is filled correctly by a passionate and motivated individual, they can completely transform your team's dynamic, creating a positive company culture that could lead your company to success.

So if your employees are struggling, hiring a corporate chaplain to help you resolve those issues may be worth hiring. Whether providing emotional support or spiritual guidance, a corporate chaplain can be an essential team member in any business, regardless of size.

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