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How A Former Marketing Exec Is Cracking The Code On The Future Of Work


Are you facing uncertainty in your career? Maybe you’re unfulfilled with where you are now, or you’re struggling to find work-life balance.

These were the very issues that caused Connie Steele to step down from her role as a marketing executive after 15 years in the corporate sector.

Connie was fed up with her lifestyle and knew it wasn’t sustainable. 

“I didn’t think moving to another full time role was going to be the right move, so I committed to the path of pursuing independence,” Connie says. “Was I scared? Absolutely! When you decide to do something different or unknown, there’s an incredible amount of fear involved. There isn’t a roadmap.” 

Connie launched into private consulting, for both one-on-one clients and companies looking to better understand the future workforce. 

She provides a data-driven summarization of why so many people have chosen a nonlinear route, and why that seems to be more and more the norm these days.

“I wanted to provide the rationale as to why careers were fundamentally changing,” Connie says. 

In her debut book, Building the Business of You, Connie shares trends and tips so entrepreneurs can form their ideal “career mashup,” as she calls it.

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Connie’s research also lends itself to business owners who are looking to cultivate and retain strong employees, while still providing them the space to accomplish personal goals and reach milestones. 

“There’s been an evolution from a world that’s more siloed, narrow, sequential, rigid, and conformist, where we used to be defined by the roles we worked at a company, to now, where we’re in a world that’s much more collaborative,” Connie says. “It’s agile, mobile, multidimensional, and in the end, it’s about individual agency.”

The landscape and the demands of the current workforce continue to change. “What we’re seeing is that it’s about integrating all of our interests together, because when you can be you, you’ll perform better in all aspects of your life,” says Connie.

Tune in to the full Shopify Masters episode to discover what you can expect from the future workforce in the coming years, and how best to create your ideal career mashup.

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This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
Supporting Brands: Discounts & Special Offers From Yotpo Partners
Supporting Brands: Discounts and Special Offers from Yotpo Partners

Supporting Brands: Discounts & Special Offers From Yotpo Partners

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