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How A Google AdX Partner Can Help You Make More Money For Your Shopify Business

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Shopify businesses are learning to be more flexible in their marketing strategy. A multi-channel marketing mindset requires a unique approach, and every business is still trying to find out what works best for them.

One such approach is through online advertising on websites like Google. Google Ads is a program that can help you get started because it’s user-friendly and has been refined. It can help promote your business or let you sell products and services online.

The program also raises awareness about your company and may increase your website’s traffic. Ultimately, monetizing your content, talent, and products online is the point.

If you want to take it up, you can go for Google AdX and find Google AdX partners. But what is it, and how can you benefit from having one? Let’s find out.

What is a Google AdX Partner?

Also known as a Google AdX reseller, it’s a third-party company that can help you access Google Ad Exchange. Google Ad Exchange is also an advertising marketplace with premium CPM deals. By having access to it, website owners can increase their ad revenue and improve the quality of their ads.

To connect certain websites to Ad Exchange, Google AdX partners use a program called Google MCM. That mentioned program and your AdX partner also help you access your Google AdX. By having direct access, you have maximum flexibility in handling the operations. However, we recommend consulting an expert to get the most out of it.

An expert can help you with things such as optimizing floor prices and having dynamic auctions. There are also several other features on Google Ad Manager that they can assist you with. You will have to split your revenue with your partner, but remember that they’ll be doing most of the operations.

How Does One Become a Google AdX Partner?

To get direct access, the first step is to sign up for a Google Ad Manager (GAM) account. You’ll need good scores for viewability, traffic, and family-friendly content. This means you should have no history of invalid traffic or policy violations, after which your GAM can invite you to AdX at their discretion. You can also ask your GAM to assess your legibility after your account has been live for a few months.

Once you receive direct access, you’ll have more flexibility to manage your AdX account. The problem is that getting the most out of it is time-consuming and requires in-depth advertising knowledge. But if you’re the Google AdX provider or partner, it’s your job to manage it. You must have all that knowledge to assist your client in further monetizing their business.

How Can a Google AdX Partner Help Your Shopify Store?

Your Partner Can Help Maximize Ad Revenue

Google AdX gives you access to a comprehensive inventory you can monetize, like videos and mobile apps. Millions of marketers and third-party networks access the program in real-time. This means you also have a lot of competition for ad inventory, and your partner can help. 

Your partner understands the advertising operations better than you do. They know which trends will last and which will fade. They know the right keywords that will make your ads effective. Hence, they’ll be a massive help in maximizing your ad revenue. Google AdX gives them options and tools to help with mediation and make fallback ads.

Your Partner Can Help with Granular Ad Targeting

Google AdX is well-known for controlling the users who see your ads granularly. This means that your ads will be seen mainly through your target audience, not the general one. And your AdX partner can help manage it and the factors influencing how it’s seen.

Google AdX also gives a wide range of choices that you can target, like the user device category. In this case, you can target those individuals through their phones, computers, and tablets. 

You can also target audiences based on device manufacturers, like Apple and Samsung. Your other options can be through the operating system, language, or geographic location. Hence, your partner will have better control over optimizing your ad revenue.

You’ll Obtain Real-Time Reporting in Detail

Understanding how your ad performs is critical to taking the next step. You can create highly engaging advertisements that drive your business more profitable. Google AdX gives reports on ad requests, location, and the kind of device most visitors use. You can get an overview of your user base by clicking on your ad and visiting your app.

Your partner can help keep track of your user engagement by monitoring click-through rates (CTR). They can also monitor your ad viewability and see if you need to fine-tune anything. For example, you might need to adjust your ad formats and placements. Those can be viewed in ad placement performance reports, fill rates and eCPM.

These detailed reports will help you and your partner make informed decisions to maximize ad spend. And in turn, your improved approach will ensure you’re making more money for your business.


In this digital age, traditional forms of advertising — like billboards and television — aren’t enough to reach your target audience. As such, it is necessary to invest in new types of marketing, such as social media and online ads.

Partnering with Google AdX will give you greater insight into your performance. The detailed reports this service provides will help you make informed decisions, guiding your way toward your goals.

In addition, by having a say in the ad creative you run, Google AdX can help grow your business and make a profit for years to come.

Google AdX comes with many benefits, making it worth your time. It would be best if you did not allow your advertising campaign to underperform, as doing so could hinder your business’ progress. To improve your online advertising efforts, you need to partner with Google AdX.

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