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How AAVVGG.com Gains A Competitive Advantage With Shopify

How AAVVGG.com Gains A Competitive Advantage With Shopify

AAVVGG is a Toronto-based multi-brand merchant that curates the best designed and most beautiful versions of every object for the home or office. From coffee tables and couches to hot tubs and bicycles, their online-only store showcases thousands of products from dozens of different brands in an elegant ecommerce store that somehow makes all of the products feel like one consistent and coherent collection. 

And while the store’s design and artful product photography does a lot to present the products in their best light, there’s still a question about whether or not it’s an accurate representation of what they’ll look like in real life.

The challenge is that the products in their collection can sometimes be unique as the taste of the people buying them. In this world, purchase decisions aren’t just made based on the basics like dimensions and fabrics, they’re made on much more nuanced characteristics that are hard to capture and difficult to describe. People might want to know how something feels, or how it catches the light, or how its texture plays off the other items in their living room. And because of their price point, customer satisfaction is even more important. 

We don’t see ourselves as a luxury store, but we appreciate that we’re selling items online that end up living in peoples home and office spaces, ideally forever


AAVVGG has done a lot of customizations to their store, like adding metafields for descriptors like fabric, firmness, measurements, and dimensions to help customers understand how products might fit into their spaces and lives. 

But despite their best attempts to accurately represent the nuance and individuality of each product, a large gap remains between seeing an object on a screen and experiencing it in your space.

In an ideal world, every customer would be able to take home, test, and try every product in context to be 100% confident in their purchase. However, with a store that features over 5 billion product variations, it simply isn't possible.


Thanks to the advanced capabilities of Apple’s iOS 17, merchants can now easily create dynamic, photo-realistic 3D models using just their iPhones (Pro models). These models allow customers to use AR to experience and interact with photo-realistic models of products in the spaces that they’ll be used in. This lets them experience and evaluate design elements like textures, details, dimension, and colour in context before making a purchase. Which means that customers are not only more likely to convert, but more likely to be satisfied with their purchases after the fact.

3D models help stores like AAVVGG narrow the gap between digital vs in-person shopping while still maintaining an extremely high degree of curation and customization. Because anybody can create these models, it also eliminates the need to rely on suppliers for 3D models, or to pay external providers to create them. 

Here's a look at a standard static product image from aavvgg.com, compared to a 3D model of the same Chord Modular Sofa — Navy Felt. You can immediately see the level of detail the 3D model brings out in the ottoman, that the static image doesn't represent.

aavvgg.com Chord Ottoman Navy comparisonTry it in your space!

We rely on the products Shopify builds and find ways to use them and gain an advantage against our competitors

Shopify’s 3D scanner makes it possible for any business to help customers make big ticket sales with absolute confidence. For a store like AAVVGG, that can increase conversion rates, reduce time to purchase, and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Try the 3D scanner in the Shopify app today

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This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here for wider discovery.
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