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How Bryan Anthonys Grew Their Revenue 300% With Justuno

Valentine's day gift ideas for her enhanced with Bryan Anthonys' revenue growth using Justuno.

When you think of starting your e-commerce business, what do you think of?

Glowing reviews of satisfied customers talking about how your products have transformed their lives? The satisfaction of seeing your store grow from its first few customers (the few you’ll never forget) to hundreds of orders every day? Perhaps the cramped hands from boxing up each order individually to hiring a whole team just for packing and fulfillment.

Well, we have a special story lined up for you that will resonate no matter where you are in your e-commerce journey.

Bryan Anthonys is a jewelry brand on a mission to design jewelry that means something special to their customers. Since 2015, they have transformed themselves into a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand that continues to grow daily.


Bryan Anthonys came to Tinuiti, a top Justuno Agency partner, looking to define a clear customer acquisition strategy and grow their email list. Through Tinuiti and Justuno’s Commerce AI, their growth became exponential.

Today we are releasing a case study that covers the incredible success Bryan Anthonys has achieved through an expansive email capture effort automated email flows to encourage engagement, and an extra special (effective) dose of customer personalization, powered by Justuno’s Commerce AI.

Email Gift Guide
Email Procrastinator

Justuno + Tinuiti

As one of Justuno’s leading agency partners, Tinuiti, is able to drive home results for their clients when using Justuno that not only improves their onsite returns but the ROI of other offsite marketing efforts.

This partnership is one that Tinuiti values, especially when it comes to the personalized service they receive from their dedicated agency manager Mat:

Mat is the ultimate support team. Anytime we have questions he’s there and is always proactive about fixing any issues that come up.
Emily Collins Tinuiti
Emily Collins
Sr. Manager CRM & Email, Tinuiti

By leveraging their Justuno partnership, Tinuiti was able to put up big wins for Bryan Anthonys. Starting with the email opt-in promotions that drove an almost 18% engaged conversion rate and grew their list exponentially. Through A/B testing they were able to determine that a spin-to-win promotion worked best for this initial lead capture and were able to implement this  solution for welcoming their desktop and mobile visitors.

Another insight was that banner promotions work incredibly well for Bryan Anthonys and they will accompany any campaign with one to reflect their messaging site-wide. Like a countdown timer for ordering Valentine’s Day gifts by or a shipping cut-off for Mother’s Day.

Last but not least, were the explosive results that utilizing Commerce AI, Justuno’s intelligent product recommendation engine produced for Bryan Anthonys.

Using an in-page cross-sell that displayed only on the cart and check-out pages, Bryan Anthonys was able to not only boost their AOV but also provide a curated collection of recommendations for shoppers based on their cart contents.

This personalization is just one of the reasons Bryan Anthonys has achieved so much success, growing their repeat customer rate to over 30% with Justuno.

Overall since implementing strategies from Tinuiti with Justuno, Bryan Anthonys has grown its revenue by 300%! 

This article originally appeared in the Justuno blog and has been published here with permission.

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