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How BundleBums Uses Social Proof To Promote Eco-Friendly Products


As a mom of two kids, Jess realized how much rubbish (including nappies) her family discharged every week. After carefully researching, Jess decided to use cloth as an alternative for her babies and help everyone do the same thing by founding BundleBums. By stocking a wide range of modern, affordable cloth nappies, accessories, and eco-friendly products, BundleBums helps families move toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Jess understands that customer reviews can help increase sales and improve conversion rates of BundleBums. Therefore, she decided to install Judge.me on her Squarespace store to collect more reviews via automated review requests

“Very easy. I didn't have to do anything really, Quynh was really helpful and did everything super fast.” – Jess talked about her experience with the installation process, with the help from our support team.”

After getting her Review Widget and Preview Badge stars on her preferred locations, she continued to change her widget star color, review form, and other elements to fit her branding. The customization was also very smooth, although she wasn’t too familiar with Judge.me terminologies at first. 

“It was very easy to adjust the style and location of my review widgets.”

– Jess said.

“I love how good each feature is explained or shown through examples and preview buttons in the customization process.”

Jess also enabled the Questions & Answers so her customers can ask if they have any questions about the products, as well as a Floating Reviews Tab, which helps potential customers find all product and store reviews while visiting her store.

We are happy to help BundleBums get through the onboarding process and will continue to improve our app and add more helpful features to better meet their needs.

Special thanks to our friends at Judge.me for their insights on this topic.
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