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How Can You Optimize Loading Speed Like an SEO Expert In the Philippines?

Aside from search engine optimization (SEO), boosting your search engine results page (SERP) ranking also requires professional knowledge and expertise in enhancing your website.

Forbes reported that 47% of users instantly lose interest in websites loading for over two seconds, and 40% will not hesitate to exit after three seconds. Moreover, they highlighted that this loss of potential customers costs businesses 147.75 billion pesos of sales yearly.

To avoid billions of losses, here are strategies SEO experts in the Philippines use to provide customers with a positive user experience (UX) resulting in a higher satisfaction rate:

Choosing an Appropriate Hosting Servers

In the same report, Forbes mentioned that a new website emerges every three seconds, meaning, shared hosting platforms will likely experience congestion. Millions of websites sharing limited resources result in slower loading speeds and compromise the very foundation of your site.

An excellent web developer and SEO expert in the Philippines chooses a suitable and appropriate hosting company depending on your website's needs. Here are notable considerations when deciding on a server hosting company:

  • Average uptime
  • Technical and customer support
  • Higher hosting bandwidth and storage
  • Security measures
  • Website backup options

Efficient Plugin Management

The primary purpose of plugins in web development is to provide features and functionality without the need foradvanced coding, ensuring an excellent UX. 

As attractive as adding plugins is to your website because of its benefits and advantages, incorporating an excessive number of plugins negatively affects the loading speed. Too many plugins increase hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) requests and database queries, making it difficult for your website to process and provide additional resources.

Browser and Page Caching

Integrating caching plugins notably enhances your website performance, allowing users to store website files and resources on their browsers even after they leave the site.

Retaining necessary elements and files to run a webpage result in the following:

  • Reduced data the server needs to process.
  • Minimal actions are required to load contents.
  • Lower number of requests

File Optimization and Compression

The storage size of images, videos, and other large files is also an essential factor to consider when boosting the loading speed of your website. These files are typically bulkier than Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file types and take longer to load.

A potent solution to this problem is minimizing and optimizing file sizes by compression, reducing resolution and dimension without compromising the quality.


Web loading speed enhancement is just one of the strategies of SEO experts in the Philippines to provide their clients with more engagement and potential leads. With several technological advancements emerging, like artificial intelligence and 5G networks, investing in SEO services embracing innovations like Digital Marketing Philippines is vital.

Contact DMP today to enjoy a full suite of services guaranteeing a high SERP ranking for your website and productive lead generation.

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