How Coco Moon Puts Charitable Giving In Customers’ Hands With Givz​​


How Coco Moon Puts Charitable Giving in Customers’ Hands with Givz​

Dayana Mayfield

One look at Coco Moon’s ecommerce store and you can practically smell the plumeria and feel the mist coming off the Pacific. 

The baby and toddler brand had long been donating to a local, aligned organization but was in need of a way to allow customers to donate to charities they care deeply about.

Founder Amber Thibaut says, “When I heard about Givz on a podcast, I was super excited about it not only for the giving aspect of it which is phenomenal, but also for the potential business impact as well.”

Keep reading to discover how Amber used Givz to increase average order value and easily pivot towards featuring relevant charities amidst a crisis. 

“We could tell our community was very passionate about giving. We wanted a way to involve them more in that process and give them a way to be a part of the donation decision.”

Amber Thibaut

Founder of Coco Moon

Baby Love, Hawaiian Style

Amber, the daughter of a Maui waterman, grew up diving, surfing, and fishing. When she became a mother, she noticed a total lack of clothing with Hawaiian spirit and soul. So she founded Coco Moon to help other families get the style and meaning they loved. 

The brand now offers buttery-soft blankets, bibs, hooded towels, onesies, sweet toddler dresses, and even robes for momma. 

Choosing Customer-Driven Donations

“We have had a giving back program since 2017, whereby we donate 1% of our sales to Hawai’i nonprofits. Just in the last two years, we’ve donated those primarily to the neonatal intensive care unit, here on Oahu,” says Amber. The Kapiolani Health Foundaiton NICU positively impacts so many lives, and has been a great fit because it ties directly into their brand.

“But at the same time, it is a very specific cause to donate to,” says Amber. “We could tell our community was very passionate about giving. We wanted a way to involve them more in that process and give them a way to be a part of the donation decision.”

Coco Moon still donates 1% of sales to Kapiolani Health Foundation, and uses Givz as an additional way to give back. By allowing customers to choose from featured charities with Givz, or to search their own favorite organization, Coco Moon has been able to support customers’ favorite causes while diversifying their giving. 

The Givz Team Comes Through with Data-Driven Recommendations

When asked what is was like to set up her first donation incentive, Amber says, “On the technical side it was super easy to implement.”

Even better, Nicole from the customer success team at Givz offered data-driven advice during the setup process. “I met with Nicole to strategize our best approach, and she was able to share some best practices based on things she’s seeing that work well for other brands using Givz,” says Amber. 

Based on the amount Coco Moon was able to commit to in addition to their corporate giving and on what has been tested by other brands, they were able to land on giving 5% of sales for any purchase over $100.  

“It was super, super helpful to be able to have that conversation with her about what was working,” says Amber. Our team also offered feedback on Facebook ad drafts based on what has been successful for our other customers. 

The Average Order Value Bump

Coco Moon has posted about the opportunity to give with Givz using Instagram carousel posts and Stories. But the main way that customers find out about it is through the website banner at the top of every page.

Spend at least $100 and Coco Moon will donate 5% of your order value to a charity you choose via Givz

Quick Pivots for Helping in a Crisis

One unexpected benefit of using Givz was the ability to adapt to customers’ desires to support certain causes. When the war in Ukraine began, Amber was able to quickly change their Givz featured charities to organizations helping the people of Ukraine, including the International Rescue Committee, UNICEF USA, American Red Cross, Direct Relief, and Save the Children. 

“With Givz all you have to do is choose a new charity and communicate that to your community if you so choose,” says Amber. “Both from a humanitarian perspective as well as a business operations perspective, it’s really a great benefit of the program—being able to quickly pivot and change your charities to where you see the most need at any given time.”

“I think there are opportunities with rotating our charities more often and using that for content generation.”

Amber Thibault

Founder of Coco Moon

What’s Next? Charity-Centric Content Creation and More Marketing Experimentation

Going forward Amber has plans to use that quick-pivot capability more frequently. “I think there are opportunities with rotating our charities more often and using that for content generation,” says Amber. “Just to kind of get back in front of customers, remind them about the Givz app and the opportunity to give, through sharing the new charities.”

She also plans to experiment with mentioning Coco Moon’s donation incentive in more social posts, emails, and ads. 

It’s a trifecta of goodness: giving back, boosting AOV, and creating meaningful content. 

Do you run a conscious ecommerce store?

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