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How Do You Do A Swipe Up On Instagram

How Do You Do A Swipe Up On Instagram

It's likely that no one, not even its developer, could imagine how huge Instagram would become. It’s no longer only used by everyday people to engage with friends, families, businesses, and brands.

It’s now also used by businesses, brands, corporations, and influencers to catapult their social proof and online presence. If you are a business, brand, influencer, corporation, or social media marketer, it's important to know the answer to “How do you do a swipe up on Instagram”.

Regardless of how you use Instagram, the Stories feature is one of its most powerful and dynamic methods for social media marketing.

What is the ‘Swipe Up' option on Instagram?

The ‘swipe up” Stories feature provides you with a way to post short videos via daily feeds that highlight or summarize what's happening in your world. Your target audience should want to see your regular Instagram Stories.

When you're creating an Instagram Story, you should see the option to add ‘Swipe Up” to it. Swipe up is where your interactive, relevant text appears when the users ‘swipe up' to see more information about your offering(s).

Then link to your website, online store, or whatever product or service you are offering. You do want to make sure you are following the rules of Instagram with your offerings. Some websites and affiliate links are not allowed. You need to be aware of this.

So, when your audience, or other Instagram users see your Instagram Story and swipe up, they will see the information you have added to it, and can then engage with it. Tip: You will want to use some kind of call to action (CTA) to prompt them to engage.

How Do You Add a Swipe Up to Your Instagram Story

Here is a step-by-step for business accounts to add outbound links to their Instagram Stories:

  1. Start by creating your Story. To do this, take a video or image. Alternatively, you can upload your own media from your image gallery, or you can use Boomerang for recording live events.
  2. After you create your Story, there are some ways to edit it. If you have an eligible account, you will see the option to swipe up. This is where you will share your link from the top of the screen via the share link icon. That icon looks like a chain link, which appears in the center of the screen, near the regular editing tools.
  3. Now you can tap ‘Share Link‘. When you choose this option, you can add your URL. You cannot add multiple links to sites in a Story.
  4. Add your caption. Once you finish your Story, Instagram will generate a discreet arrow with a caption stating, ‘Learn More‘. This will appear at the bottom of the page, so it can be easy to miss. It's crucial that you add a tag that has a call to action, so they will swipe up. For instance, “Swipe up for details!“.

Adding Links on Instagram

The Instagram platform is well-known for being restrictive about adding links to outbound sites. For instance, you can add a link to your profile, but just the one link. You cannot add links to memes, images, or regular videos that you share.

Only eligible Instagram accounts can use the swipe up feature in Stories. You will become eligible when you have 10,000 real followers. For those who cannot add links to Instagram Stories, you can add a title to Stories that prompt people to check your profile for your link.

Instagram added the option for eligible users to add outbound links to their Stories. When you see the words ‘See More' in a Story, that's a cue to swipe up to be directed to the associated website.

Final Thoughts on Using Swipe Up on Instagram

Only around 10% of your relevant target audience on Instagram will see your Story. Take that into consideration when creating your Stories. The main eligibility factor for the ‘swipe up' feature is the 10,000 followers requirement.

Use Instagram Stories to create brand awareness, as well as discounts, sales, new stuff, and promotions. Essentially, you should be working on a marketing strategy for creating Instagram stories.

When you utilize the swipe up feature effectively, you can enhance your exposure and boost traffic flow to your website. On the other hand, if used poorly, it could work against your growth and traffic. For instance, overuse of the swipe up option.

Overall, it's wise to know as much as possible about Instagram Stories and the ‘Swipe Up' option. When you do, you can create amazing campaigns that will improve your online presence.

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