How Eat Well Nashville Uses Web Push Notifications 


Just like any marketing strategy, there’s no cookie-cutter way to plan your web push notifications. Each eCommerce business sends campaigns based on the kind of promotions, products, and preferences they have. One brand that uses PushOwl,  Eat Well Nashville, has a very unique approach to web push notifications. 

Eat Well Nashville is a meal prep company that services the Greater Nashville Area. Eat Well Nashville prepares and delivers deliciously healthy, ready-to-eat meals to your home or office. 

The founder of this meal service business, Spencer Donaldson, recently appeared on Shopify Masters to talk about His journey of setting up this business, understanding the community, and their formula for a winning marketing strategy.

You can listen to the podcast and read the transcript on Shopify’s blog.

Eat Well Nashville’s Unique Web Push Strategy

Before we look at their web push strategy, we need to understand how their business works:

Eat Well Nashville prepares and delivers deliciously healthy, ready-to-eat meals to your home or office. They use a weekly ordering basis with no subscription or minimums involved. People interested in ordering must place their orders by 11 A.M. on Fridays to have the meals delivered on the following Sunday or Monday.

They have a full marketing stack— email SMS, social media posts, web push notifications— to successfully reach their audience.

“The push notifications we use through PushOwl is one of our most important marketing channels because it consistently reminds our customers to place their order in a way that’s not overwhelming.”

They typically send four different push notifications per week:

1. On Wednesdays, their web push message features the new meals added to the menu. It also includes any promotions they might be running.

2. Web push sent on Thursdays lets people know that the order deadline is coming up.

3. Two web push notifications are sent on Friday to establish urgency. This helps them get as many people to order as possible before the deadline.

“Our push notification strategy with PushOwl paired with our other marketing channels work in perfect harmony with each other to keep our food in the front of mind with our customers.”

We hope this excellent strategy by Eat Well Nashville gives you an idea of the ways you can adapt your web push strategy to fit your unique needs.

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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