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How Ecommerce Brands Can Manage Their Supply Chain And Provide An Amazon-Level Experience During COVID-19



It’s not a secret. Amazon’s shipping isn’t the same as it was just a couple months ago.

So many consumers are turning to smaller ecommerce brands for the essentials, a huge opportunity for these brands to see serious growth. 

But they need to be prepared to meet the growing demand.

So we brought ShipBob’s Casey Armstrong back to do a deeper dive into the shipping and fulfillment space and answer your most burning questions about what you can be doing to manage your supply chain and keep your business running through and beyond the current crisis. 

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep people buying even if you have delays.
  • What the Amazon shift means for smaller ecommerce brands.
  • Why you should be sourcing locally as much as possible.
  • The importance of entertainment in your marketing strategy.

What to listen for:

  • [2:05] What to do if you’ve seen an increase in shipping inquiries.
  • [4:05] How to be transparent without impacting conversion rates.
  • [6:18] Impact of COVID-19 on nonessential products.
  • [8:47] If we’re seeing BFCM levels right now, will we continue to see that into the fall?
  • [11:54] What to do if you’re seeing delays due to lockdowns in other countries.
  • [14:44] What happens if USPS goes bankrupt?
  • [15:16] How to turn a spike in traffic into a longer term relationship.
  • [21:09] How to avoid coming off as opportunistic right now.
  • [23:22] How does ShipBob handle returns?
  • [24:04] What has your approach to marketing been right now?

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This article originally appeared in the Privy blog and has been published here with permission.

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