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How Ecommerce Brands Can Use Meta’s Recurring Notifications

How Ecommerce Brands Can Use Meta’s Recurring Notifications

Modern online marketers have to be very flexible and use all interactive channels at their disposal to deliver corporate or commercial messages to potential buyers. As social networks continue to tighten their privacy settings and more and more users are installing ad blockers, conversational marketing is becoming increasingly important. Meta’s recurring notifications present a golden opportunity for brands to improve their reach and boost sales by communicating directly with the customers with no intermediaries. Online marketing is moving in a new direction, and it’s mandatory for business owners to at least explore how new channels can be used to realise their objectives.

What are recurring notifications?

Facebook Messenger is a massively popular element of the world’s largest social network (now known as Meta), and it serves as an informal chat tool, quick messaging system, and even a replacement for apps such as Skype or Viber. It can also be used by commercial Meta users (i.e. pages) to send notifications to users who opt-in in fixed intervals. Daily, weekly or monthly notifications are delivered directly to user’s inbox, and may contain links or other interactive content. Initiating this kind of communication is possible only within the 24-hour window after an organic interaction with the user, so marketers need to have a plan in place to take advantage of such opportunities.

How to effectively use notifications for brand promotion?

Notifications allow for much more personalized approach to promotion, with demographic data about the customer and his previous activity taken into account. Each type of customer should be funneled towards pages or content that he is most likely to be interested in, with a succession of steps requiring his confirmation and/or direct action. If the user fails to act, another notification can be sent after the pre-set interval, serving as a reminder. In this way, brands can gradually build relationships of trust with individual customers and strengthen their public reputation.

Monetizing conversational campaigns based on notifications

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to increase profits for the business owner, so it’s crucial to devise a way to turn user’s interest into revenues. This can be accomplished in several ways, either directly by facilitating online sales or indirectly through activities such as new product launch support or advertising a new retail location opening. Conversational marketing is highly flexible and much less intrusive than traditional ads, but it requires some creativity when it comes to defining possible scenarios and mapping the paths that lead to the desired outcomes.

Hire a specialized agency to help you with recurring notifications

If your company lacks the expertise to take advantage of innovative social media features like Meta’s recurring notifications, it won’t be hard to find reinforcements. Professional conversational marketing agencies like Chit Chat Agency are available to provide guidance and take care of technical matters, making sure that the planned campaign stays within the rules and makes the best use of all available tools. Experienced experts can even help with strategic concerns and assist with setting goals and targeting specific groups of customers.

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