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How Food Trucks Can Drive Sales Through E-commerce

If you want to sell out like hotcakes in your food business, is sticking to your food truck the only way to do it?

Companies should try to expand and diversify their income however and whenever possible. There are times when a food truck business might be less profitable, specifically seasons of the year. On top of that, sometimes there are issues with the location, ordinances within the area you’re at, and, of course, if you only have one food truck, and if anything breaks, you’re out of business until it’s all fixed up. 

So, with that said, when you start a food truck business, you have to be realistic that it’s not always going to be easy money; some things will eat into your profits, and of course, there might always be unexpected and unfavorable changes. This is precisely why you must diversify your income wherever possible. One of the best ways is through ecommerce!

Let’s face it: you need a website; even food trucks need one, so why not leverage this website and make it into an ecommerce platform to connect with customers? Of course, you should still have personal connections with customers in person, but that website will give it an extra push. Here’s precisely how it can drive more sales!

Key Takeaways

  • Food trucks should expand beyond just the truck and diversify income, especially for slower seasons or unexpected issues. Ecommerce is a great way to do this.
  • Having a website for your food truck is important. Use it as an ecommerce platform to connect with more customers and drive additional sales.
  • Offer options for pre-orders on your website. This helps with food prep, stock management, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Implement a loyalty rewards program through your ecommerce site. This encourages repeat customers and builds loyalty to your food truck brand.
  • Sell related food products, merchandise, and gift cards on your website. This provides more revenue opportunities beyond just when the truck is operating.

Options for Pre-Orders

Is a local fair or a big public event coming up? Instead of worrying about whether you'll have enough stock or if you'll be able to meet the demand, why not let your fans pre-order their must-haves? This way, they won’t miss out on their favorite dishes, and you get to roll up with a clear idea of what’s hot. It's a win-win situation that not only ensures customer satisfaction but also helps with food prep, ensuring you’ve got just the right amount of stock to meet demand without the dreaded over or under.

Ideal for Loyalty Rewards

Have you ever watched the movie Chef? There are a few scenes where people are crowding around the food truck, and it’s all thanks to the loyalty and love that the business has. It would be a dream to be that successful, right? Well, by all means, it’s 100% possible to achieve. To get loyalty, you have to give a good reason to have it. Loyalty rewards for regular customers are one of the best ways to go about this, and ecommerce platforms offer this. 

Everyone loves a good loyalty program. Set one up through your e-commerce system to reward regulars with discounts, freebies, or first dibs on new dishes. It’s a sweet way to say thanks and keep them returning for more.

Selling Merch

Again, it’s all about diversifying and getting profits by other means. Do you have a catchy logo or a cute mascot? If you do, it’s time to slap those designs on some quality merch! Think t-shirts, caps, aprons, or reusable tote bags. It’s a fun way to boost your brand’s visibility and let your biggest fans show off their loyalty. You'll want to do this if you’re in a small, tight-knit community. 

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