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How IOS14 Will Change Advertising For ECommerce Brands


At the tail end of 2020, news of iOS 14’s policy changes rocked the digital and advertising industry. Apple’s move to tighten privacy protections means stricter limitations on targeted ads, data sharing, and reporting capabilities for app users. With changes slated to roll out in early spring 2021, we understand the heightened confusion and concerns advertisers now face.

To help comb through the chaos, we’ve broken down:

The iOS 14 changes
Steps you can take to prepare for the shift
Ways to better leverage your marketing strategies

Here’s what eCommerce and D2C brands need to know about the change.
What will change in iOS 14?
Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework (ATT) — a new framework for Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) opt-in mechanism — will no longer automatically default to opt-in for iOS 14 users. Instead, a future iOS 14 update will show a permissions prompt that will ask users to “opt-in” to data sharing and activity tracking.

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