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How Joshua Lloyd Gains Social Proof In The LGBTQ+ Community


An inclusive fashion brand without segregation

Joshua Lloyd is identified as the UK’s fastest-growing gender-neutral, inclusive fashion brand, proudly providing over 1,000 inclusive LGBTQ+ product variants sold internationally. In addition to providing unique inclusive fashion and accessories, Joshua Lloyd works in partnership with leading LGBTQ+ charities and organisations to give back to the community and help provide vital support required by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Joshua Lloyd was founded in 2019 after Joshua noticed friends and family members within the LGBTQ+ community stating they struggled to find unique inclusive clothing and accessories other than the ‘generic’ pride clothing that would appear each Pride season of the year. Unlike other clothing brands available in the market today, Joshua Lloyd only provides gender-neutral clothing for all identities without segregation. The brand originally set out with gender-neutral inclusive T-shirt designs and fit, although quickly expanded into other inclusive fashion items and then later LGBTQ+ accessories for all occasions and identities with a huge itinerary for the year ahead.

A need to build stronger social proof as the brand grows

One of the biggest challenges we faced at Joshua Lloyd upon launch was gaining adequate social proof. As a new brand, we didn’t have much to put in front of our customers to highlight our products further and to prove that our products were to a great standard. 

We originally used Shopify Reviews as it was an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box default reviewing platform, for us to gain new reviews on our products. Although this was great as a starting point, we felt there was so much more that we were missing out on when it comes to reviews and more ways to build social proof for our brand. 

We researched the wide range of review applications available on the market but it was that really stood out from the crowd. With a full range of customisability, there was no question that would integrate perfectly with Joshua Lloyd. 

How Joshua Lloyd utilize widgets

Preview Badge and Review Widget

Joshua Lloyd currently utilises a wide range of features provided by Most notably the Preview Badge embedded on the collection pages and product pages, as well as the Review Widget on the product pages. Unlike the widget provided by Shopify Reviews, we were able to fully customise the widgets to flow seamlessly with the rest of the website theme.

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Preview Badge (star rating) on the product page

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Review Widget on the product page

We also added Reviews Carousel on our homepage as an extra layer of social proof to attract potential customers. This widget was very easy to set up and fits perfectly within our current theme. 

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Reviews Carousel

Review Request Emails

One of the most notable features we have been using on is the Review Request Emails. With this feature, we can reach out directly to customers who purchased from Joshua Lloyd and ask for their feedback. The process is super easy. After enabling the review requests and setting up the request timings, will send automatic review requests after we fulfilled the orders. Collecting reviews effortlessly has helped us not only build social proof but also gain further insight to improve and provide better products and services.

Automatic Social Sharing

Besides, Joshua Lloyd is hyper-social and has a large number of followers across numerous social media platforms. We often share reviews with customer photos thanks to social sharing features to showcase our products from a personal level, and these posts have been well received by our community. 

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 After installing, we have noticed an increase of over 150% in reviews compared to when we were running with Shopify Reviews. Although we don’t currently have the ability to gauge exactly how these reviews have impacted sales, it is definitely an important factor for many customers when purchasing from our store. Therefore, we are keen to expand the use of widgets in the future.

An amazing experience overall

Working alongside has been an amazing experience with so many areas that have impressed us along the way. One of the biggest things to highlight is the level of support that provides. The team is always on hand to help us if we require anything further and even work alongside our web developers to ensure that we have everything implemented flawlessly. 

As we continue to grow in 2021, we’re glad that we have fully integrated with what we do to continue highlighting our inclusive products and providing an effective review platform for our entire customer base and community. 

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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