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How Loyalty Unlocks Zero-Party Data


As you may have heard, the cookie is crumbling. With the E.U’s creation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, soon followed by cookie phaseout announcements made by Apple and Mozilla, and only further cemented by Google’s declaration of a cookie-less era in 2023, third-party data will become significantly less impactful.

Without third-party cookies, targeted adverstising accuracy can only go so far. Tracking is crucial to audience targeting, and advertisers will need to cast wider and wider nets to reach potential customers. Plus, as paid ads become more ineffective, customer acquisition costs will only continue to rise.

We all know massive changes are on the horizon, but how are eCommerce brands preparing for them? We recently surveyed our community of D2C brands and asked them about their cookie-combating strategies. We wanted to know if they felt prepared to advertise in a cookie-less world and if they plan to dedicate more of their budget to digital ma …

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