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How Mirroring A B2C Payment Approach Powers Customer Loyalty In The B2B Space


TreviPay joins forces with Bold Commerce to extend its customizable checkout solution to B2B merchants looking to offer a B2C-like payment experience. This merchant-branded payment solution will offer a combination of flexible, customizable eCommerce options designed for distinct B2B needs.

TreviPay’s B2B payment solution is designed to streamline the B2B purchasing experience, drive customer loyalty, and support complex B2B buyer demands.

Offering fast, seamless omnichannel embedded payments for today’s digital B2B environment, TreviPay combines technology, branded service, and working capital to “deliver the best B2B buyer experience with B2C simplicity to offer cost savings, increased revenue potential and better cash flow,” says TreviPay Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Coppolo.

This approach gives B2B companies the ability to offer trade credit to their customers at checkout, driving loyalty while alleviating the risk of late or non-payment. By streamlining this purchasing process, brands can meet customer demands by providing fast, reliable settlement terms for B2B sellers looking to host a frictionless checkout experience.

Empowering enterprise clients

Adding a commerce-leading B2B payments and trade credit solution like TreviPay will power B2B buyer loyalty and boost average order value (AOV) within a fully customizable ecommerce checkout experience. Brands who apply the solution can expect their B2B buyers to see the following benefits:

  • Friction-free payment options to give buyers the choice to buy in their preferred method.
  • B2C-like transaction experience B2B buyers have grown to expect.
  • Flexible payment options, like buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) and trade credit.
  • Automation of AP and AR processes to save time and create efficiencies.
  • Protection against digital identity theft and leverage data to strengthen the relationship between buyers and sellers.

Coppolo notes, “By supporting omni-channel purchasing, TreviPay incorporates fintech innovation into payment channels that makes B2B purchasing fast, easy and reliable.”

Coppolo continues by noting how a joint-Bold Commerce and TreviPay retail client was able to optimize their ecommerce flows while creating a seamless purchasing experience for buyers.

The retailer sought a white-labeled solution that preserved their brand and prioritized customer loyalty. In addition, the retailer’s B2B buyers desired payment terms, purchasing controls, pay-by-invoice capabilities, and the technology to provide invoices with SKU-level detail.

“This widely recognized business-to-consumer retailer looked to scale its commercial program,” TreviPay’s technology accelerated the implementation of purchasing controls, pay-by-invoice capabilities, and the technology to support invoices with SKU-level details.

“We were also able to automate the end-to-end underwriting process, enabling customers to be onboarded within seconds of application receipt. And our API first approach allowed us to integrate the solution with multiple business systems, from the retailer’s in-store POS, to their internal ordering systems for sellers. Overall, we were able to streamline their business processes, decrease manual work, and improve the customer experience.”

And this program checks the ROI box too: This retailer enjoyed an increase in B2B sales volume since the launch with TreviPay. The fintech company also differentiated the underwriting process to accommodate the distinctions of the retailer’s customers within specific verticals, helping them grow into new emerging markets, Coppolo adds.

Finessing the B2B payments sector

TreviPay enhances the customer experience, boosts sales, improves cash flow, and reduces costs. How? By giving companies access to wide-ranging payment and financing solutions, sophisticated managed services, and expert-driven integrations to power global commerce.

Bold Commerce and TreviPay are ready to engage with enterprise brands to achieve success.

Coppolo explains, “The relationship with Bold Commerce allows us to help B2B retailers with a stronger, more seamless checkout experience to grow B2B ecommerce sales and increase customer longevity.”

This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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