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How Peel Helps MuteSix Dive Into Data To Drive Success For Brands


Retention rates are dropping by the minute. AOV is shooting up out of nowhere. An unexpected product is selling out faster than your bestseller. 

And you have no clue why. Sound familiar?

You can’t afford to feel around in the dark when it comes to metrics, especially in an increasingly privacy-first, data-second iOS 14+ world. Understanding the numbers behind your business is crucial if you want to improve sales, build loyalty, and boost engagement—your growth depends on it.

Meet Peel.

Peel is a fully automated data analysis tool designed to help cutting-edge DTC Shopify brands quickly understand trends in their business and react to the most promising cohort signals—get this—without any technical skills. Visual insights into your business provide a backdrop for growth and give you the numbers you need to make powerful data-driven decisions, providing access to more than 100 metrics across all dimensions to reveal the key drivers of change for your brand.  

Image Source: Peel 

The Plug-and-Play Data Solution for MuteSix.

MuteSix, the data-driven performance marketing agency for DTC brands, is one happy Peel partner. That’s why we turn to the automated platform to help scale and grow our clients’ businesses—both big or small, across all shopping verticals. Though key performance metrics vary from client to client, the platform helps MuteSix make informed and impactful marketing decisions and custom tailor campaigns for our wide network of DTC brands. 

With Peel in our arsenal, our DataSix team can break down monthly cohorts to analyze everything from products sold to payment methods and discount codes (and everything in-between), directing us on what content to push across specific platforms. 

That could be everything from influencer UGC including BNPL options to Google shopping redirecting a specific product to Facebook using a discount code that results in the highest LTV and most profit margin. 

From Insights to Impact.

Slicing and dicing through the platform’s data—in particular CAC, LTV, and Cohort Analyses—has allowed us to solidify holistic revenue growth for countless budding brands. Cases in point? Below are three mutual Peel and MuteSix clients who have leveraged their insights to direct their marketing efforts and found success as a result.

Success Story 1: Universal Standard

Up first is Universal Standard, the size-inclusive apparel company manufacturing wardrobe staples shoppers of all sizes love, engineered with high-quality fabrics made to last. Using Peel, MuteSix discovered that within certain cohorts, both TryNow and Affirm led to higher LTV compared to those customers who purchased without using an alternative payment method. 

We were consequently able to go one step further to A/B test between the two BNPL options, and based on the insights gathered, discovered that overall TryNow ads beat the competition.

Based on these insights, MuteSix recommended promoting TryNow in ad messaging rather than Affirm messaging and Universal Standard saw a whopping 49% increase in opt-Ins, 61% Increase in net AOV, and 3.31x ROAS.

Success Story 2: Om Mushroom

MuteSix also partnered with Om Mushroom, a line of health-promoting wellness products harnessing the power of functional, organic mushrooms, to leverage Peel to understand data around LTV, retention rates, repurchase rates, one-time purchasers, subscribers, and churn at bi-weekly intervals.

These data points and visualizations have allowed us to take a holistic marketing approach, which has informed our strategic and tactical operations across email, Facebook, and Google, significantly increasing new customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Of note, MuteSix discovered subscriber LTV is over $100 higher in month 12 after initial activation versus that of non-subscribers. Due to this finding, we have taken the opportunity to test more subscription-focused creative messaging in the acquisition and remarketing funnel positions, which has led to a 20% increase in total active subscriptions, or an estimated +20% increase in recurring subscriber revenue.

Success Story 3: Bev

MuteSix also leaned on Peel to direct advertising efforts for Bev, the “made-by-chicks” zero-carb boozy beverage that has dominated the canned wine space since storming onto the scene in 2017. 

After taking into account the average purchase frequency and the future revenue determined by Bev’s LTV, the analysis MuteSix ran took Bev’s target site CAC from $37 to upwards of $70, allowing for more room to scale on current channels and to venture into new territories, including Programmatic.

Collectively, this ability to scale on current channels as well as new ones, has led to an increase in customer acquisition MoM. Additionally, we have increased topline revenue for Bev by 20.9% from March to April, and another 19.6% from April to May.

Peel and MuteSix: A Dynamic Data Duo to Drive Success

The success stories above demonstrate the remarkable power of leveraging the 100 unique and granular metrics provided by Peel to drive success for DTC brands across all shopping verticals and advertising channels.

To best leverage its raw data and see what Peel can do for your brand, it’s critical to work with an agency like MuteSix familiar with the platform to help your brand make informed and impactful media-buying and campaign decisions.

Want to get started today? MuteSix is now offering an exclusive Peel offer for their clients. Drop us a line today to take advantage of this limited-time offer so you can save time by not crunching the numbers and start unlocking the power of hyper-segmented reports to help grow your brand today. 

Special thanks to our friends at MuteSix for their insights on this topic.
From Cook To Associate Product Owner: Internal Movement At Recharge

From Cook To Associate Product Owner: Internal Movement At Recharge

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Naming Conventions

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