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How Privacy Changes Can Bring Customers Closer To Brands


By now, you’ve probably heard more than a few rumblings about the data privacy regulations set to take effect in the coming months.

Whether it’s the E.U., Google, Apple, or individual states, these new rules about cookies and third-party data will forever change how companies market to and learn about their customers. But what exactly does that mean for the future of eCommerce?

The truth is that not many people know.

At Yotpo, we recently conducted a survey of our community of D2C brands and asked them about their strategies. Specifically, we wanted to know if they felt prepared to advertise in a cookieless world and if they plan to dedicate more of their budget to digital marketing efforts once cookies are gone.

Overwhelmingly, the results showed that the majority of brands aren’t sure yet. (So don’t worry, you’re not alone.)
‘It’s Going to Make It Hard for Brands and Advertisers’
With so much uncertainty about the effect of the changes ahead, along w …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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