How Shop Pay Supported Aembr Product Drops To Sell Out In Minutes


Aembr’s handcrafted, non-toxic luxury candles are beloved by customers, with new product drops often selling out within minutes. Its unique scents, beautiful packaging, and clean, cruelty-free formulation set it apart from the pack. 

Since launch, Aembr has taken advantage of Shopify tools including Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, and Shop Pay Installments to streamline the checkout process. Shop Pay’s fast checkout speed has made it the number one way for customers to check out, and has directly supported the brand’s product drops that sell out in as little as 60 seconds. 

Aembr’s founder, Kristina Braly, has been a loyal Shopify user for her other business, Cloud9 Scrubs, and her successes with the platform make it her go-to payment solution. “The ease of use and onboarding has been so great. I’ve loved every minute of it and would never switch away from Shopify,” she says. 

Candles by Aembr sit on a wooden surface

Flash-sale structure made it difficult for customers to score the product

Uncommon in the candle world, Aembr sells out new products in minutes or less, making it difficult to keep up with demand. Customers would find that by the time they could input their payment information, the product was already sold out.

“Our struggle has been creating enough supply for our customers. They will go through the checkout process and they will not be able to finish their checkout because it sold out underneath them before they could hit submit,” Braly explains.

For a time, this demand issue also meant customers were limited to one candle per order. 

Shop Pay accelerated checkout streamlines product drops

According to Braly, the ease of use of Shopify Payments, and especially Shop Pay, have been the key to managing these quick sales. “I tell my customers to just hit the purple button, because that is how you’re going to check out the fastest,” she says.

Shop Pay allows customers to save information including their email address, credit card, and shipping and billing info to accelerate their checkout process. That way, they can secure an Aembr candle during a flash sale even in just a couple of minutes. 

Aembr scaling orders in 2023

 “[Shopify Payments and Shop Pay] have greased the tracks for Aembr’s success, because of its ease of use and the speed my customers can check out. It has enabled this flash-sale phenomenon to happen,” Braly says.

Aembr has already scaled product drops 10X since its October launch, but there are no plans to stop there. With the help of Shopify tools, Braly plans to provide her products to more customers in 2023. 

Shop Pay Installments will also play a role in expanding in the coming year and growing average order value. Customers will no longer be subject to order limits, and installment payments will allow greater flexibility for larger payments.

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