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How Shopify-Powered Cannabis Sellers Can Maximize Ecommerce Sales

E-commerce store selling CBD gummy bears with a leaf on a pink background.

With cannabis becoming legal in several states and Canada thanks to Shopify, the retail industry is in a good place. The pandemic gave it a massive boost in more than one way. Cannabis was declared essential amid the pandemic so people could order it online, like groceries.

Besides building the trust of consumers, the move led to the e-commerce revolution for cannabis retail. The best part is that online orders and delivery services are here to stay because the shopping model is discreet, convenient, and frugal. 

Buyers are likely to shop online for valid reasons, so sellers have a tremendous opportunity to expand their sales and consumer base. But there’s another side of the picture because the competition in e-commerce is humongous. Moreover, online managing operations and customer expectations can be more complicated than you imagine. Let us share some actionable tips that cannabis sellers and e rig brands can rely on to overcome these challenges and maximize e-commerce sales. 

Create a compelling website

An e-commerce website is the mainstay of online sales, so you must invest in one to embrace the selling model in the first place. But selling cannabis through a website can be tricky as you need to follow the legal norms, so you cannot be too loud with the content. Think outside the box to create a compelling website with an excellent look and feel. You can check the competitor sites to learn more about the latest design trends for cannabis stores. Also, focus on educational content instead of being promotional. After all, you will have to convince potential buyers about the health value, safety, and efficacy of cannabis. Educational content also helps you hook them for the long run.

Go the extra mile with UX

Besides excellent design and content, a flawless user experience on your website goes a long way in increasing sales. For instance, take Vapovapes.com—as an example here, they've not only enhanced their online presence but also significantly elevated customer satisfaction, resulting in a boost in sales.

Your buyers will return for more if they have a good experience. They may even recommend your website to others from their experience. Ensure intuitive navigation, secure payments, and easy checkout. Website loading speed and responsiveness are other UX factors you cannot overlook. Besides going the extra mile with website UX, please provide the best services, such as timely delivery and excellent packaging, to impress customers when they order from your store. Giving the best to your customers is the key to selling more, just like any other retail product.

Maximize your menu

The cannabis market has come a long way after its legalization, and brands and products are getting bigger and better. Consumers are spoiled for choice because they can try vapes, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and topical products. Putting them on your online menu can help you reach your sales targets. The more options your menu has, the better the chances of getting repeat buyers to your website. Besides maximizing product options, get more brands on board. Ensure you have the latest and the best in the market because buyers are keen to experiment with products and brands. 

Build a local presence

Getting the basics of an e-commerce website gives you a head start in the cannabis market. But it is only half the work because you must be visible to local customers. For example, sellers in DC should set up business listings on platforms like 420dc.com because consumers likely search for them on reputable media. You cannot make too much noise about your delivery services because of promotional restrictions. But building visibility and reach through such community websites is a great way to get your sales soaring. Consumers also trust reviews shared on these platforms, so look for ways to maximize votes in your favor.

Consolidate your SEO rankings

Another way to boost cannabis e-commerce sales is by consolidating your SEO rankings. A website featuring the top ranking has a better chance of selling because it is visible to potential buyers. Moreover, it gets the trust and credibility of the audience by securing a position on top. Implement a viable SEO strategy to build your ranking and sustain it over the years. Tactics like content marketing and keyword optimization are more effective in the industry where trust matters more than anything else. Besides picking the right tactics, be consistent with your effort to maintain the positioning.

Entice buyers with offers

The competition in the cannabis e-commerce domain is ever-increasing, with more and more sellers joining the bandwagon. You must think beyond quality products, excellent services, and a great UX to make the buyers come and stick with your store. Enticing them with deals and offers can do the trick. You can pick cost-effective ways to lure them into buying from you. For example, a discount for first-timers helps you acquire new buyers. Likewise, repeat offers to increase customer loyalty, and referrals boost sales from existing and new buyers. You can even send coupons on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to show how much you value your customers. A Shopify Plus Certified Partner released a comprehensive guide to growing a successful Shopify CBD store. It will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Create a niche

Experts recommend creating a niche to win in the cannabis e-commerce domain because it narrows your market and limits your competition. For instance, you can focus on CBD edibles to capitalize on the self-care trend. Once you define your niche, you must work on creating your buyer persona, identifying your competitors, and finding market trends. Knowing these factors enables you to create a personalized branding strategy that sets your store apart from the others in the industry. A niche approach takes you a step close to your sales targets and builds a consumer base that will likely stay for the long haul.

Although the cannabis e-commerce market is hard to navigate, the scope for growth is immense. You only need to pick your road wisely to reach the audience, impress them enough to choose your brand, and make them stick with it. Stay true to the basics of e-commerce, and go the extra mile to overcome the challenges of e-commerce selling. Follow these tips to cover all fronts of cannabis e-commerce and win the challenging race.  

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