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How SMS Marketing Engages Your Mobile Consumers


For direct-to-consumer brands especially, SMS marketing unlocks new and powerful ways to reach mobile shoppers on their phones — where they’re already spending most of their time. 

Consumers are excited to text with the brands they love; in fact, 51% prefer to text with their favorite brands, and over 65% of online shoppers choose to browse or shop online from their mobile devices. It’s clear that SMS marketing is the golden ticket to most effectively reach today’s mobile-first consumers.

So, how can you best engage these text-savvy shoppers via SMS? We’re sharing three strategies to empower your brand to build a mobile marketing strategy that converts.
1. Collect SMS subscribers at each of your marketing touchpoints
Today’s consumers are omnichannel, and their buyer journeys aren’t linear. On average, shoppers hit three touchpoints, between both online and offline channels, when researching a purchase. 

By adding SMS opt-in tools on each of your marketing ch …

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