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How Text Marketing Brings Brands And Customers Closer


Long-term revenue starts with relationships, but how can you build high-quality relationships with customers who only engage with your brand from behind a screen? With SMS marketing, creating customer connections comes naturally.

SMS marketing brings the human, personalized experience of shopping in a retail store to mobile through 1:1 text conversations. These “conversations” can be both authentic and automated, both powering more meaningful mobile engagements that inspire brand trust and increase CLTV.

This is how to use SMS conversations to give your customers what they want, when they want, in the moments that matter most. Brands who do are 209% more likely to get a customer response than any other channel.
Conversational Flows
With Yotpo SMSBump’s industry-leading SMS Flow Builder, you can simulate the types of conversations you would have with customers if they stepped into your retail store. Set up a series of Q&A text messages for new subscribers to get to kno …

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