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How The Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 Prepares Marketers For Anything


It’s tough going for a marketer these days. 

You’re being asked to do more with less time and fewer resources. You’re responsible for driving a greater portion of revenue (the C-suite has a close eye on you). And to make matters even more challenging, the world remains in the throes of a pandemic that has rapidly shifted the way customers shop and engage with brands. 

For those who predicted all these changes, I tip my hat to you. For the rest of the mere mortals who didn’t foresee it, wouldn’t it be nice if there was ONE thing about the future of marketing that could be known for certain? 

Well, here it is, the one and only thing you without a doubt have to be ready for as a marketer: 


Okay, I know — that might seem like a cop-out answer to a loaded question. But it’s hard to argue against the truth of it. In fact, the notion of “be ready for anything” is one of life’s oldest adages. Yet for today’s retail and e-commerce marketer, considering how unpredictable and quikchange customers and industries have become, it’s more true now than ever before. 

That’s why the new Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 was designed to ensure marketers are ready for anything. 

Prepare or Beware 

Being ready for anything means… well, anything. It could be changes in consumer shopping habits, changes in industry, changes in economies, or many other scenarios. 

So as a marketer, how do you prepare your marketing team to increase customer growth and drive revenue under a seemingly endless range of conditions and possibilities?

Let’s jump into the key areas where you should place your focus.

Real Time 1:1 Personalization

Personalization capabilities are now table stakes. If you can’t personalize the shopping experience in a way that’s highly relevant and tailored to your customer’s interest, you risk losing their business. After all, according to McKinsey, 75% of online shoppers prefer personalized experiences (and perhaps the other 25% simply haven’t had a satisfying personalized shopping experience yet). 

Your ability to add customers to your database is dependent on your ability to personalize your customer’s experience. Personalization is at the core of everything you want to do as a marketer — acquire more customers, retain customers, foster loyalty, etc. So if you want to be ready for anything, have the capability to deliver 1:1 experiences to your customers across all channels and in real time.  

Breadth of Channels

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital, but “accelerated” is the key word — it’s long been inevitable that digital channels would eventually be embraced, if not outright preferred, by customers. COVID-19 simply made it happen faster. Thus your web, mobile, and app channels are now urgently critical for your marketing, and that won’t change. 

Yet, the shift-to-digital doesn’t replace in-store shopping. Instead, online channels must now mesh together with your offline channels to create complete, seamless shopping experiences that customers demand and expect. 

With that in mind, be ready for anything by expanding your breadth of channels. Today’s customers cross six touchpoints on average (source: v12data.com). So if your marketing team wants to drive growth and revenue for your business, it’s imperative to be on all the right channels, wherever your customers are at, wherever they choose to engage with your brand. 


2020 had its fair share of shockwaves and setbacks. Yet many brands experienced explosive growth during that time, especially customer growth in e-commerce. The marketing teams that were already prepared to scale quickly and keep up with demand reaped the benefits, while rigid teams that lacked the ability or technology to scale couldn’t capitalize.

If you want to be ready for anything, focus on scalability. Make sure you have the right martech solution in place to easily scale, automate, and pivot your marketing efforts. That way, when the opportunity arises or as demand increases, your marketing team can deliver the highly personalized 1:1 experiences that customers crave, at scale.

“The really key thing for us was that we worked together with Emarsys to be able to build our emails at scale. And we did a lot of that through the template work that’s set up. We know now that a lot of that stuff is automated. So our subject lines, our header and footer, [and] our content will automatically go to the right language, as an example. Products that we pull in will automatically [be sent] to the right country page, will display the right currency for that customer, and will display the content in the right language. We know that all happens automatically. We don’t need to worry about it [and] that’s been really great for us. It has allowed us to really scale up our program and be a lot more frequent with our sends than we otherwise would be with the resources [we have] available.

David Witts Puma

David Witts

CRM Manager, PUMA Europe

Be Ready for Anything with the Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 

If you can deliver personalized 1:1 experiences that are consistent across all your channels, at scale, you’ll be able to accelerate business outcomes. But to do so under any condition — and be truly ready for anything — your marketing must be agile and flexible, too. 

The Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 has a range of new features, all designed to give you the agility and flexibility required to succeed as a modern marketer. 

Here are just a few examples:

More Channels, 1:1 More Personalization

Forrester already recognized SAP Emarsys as having “the most diverse channel coverage in the study” for their WaveTM Cross-Channel Campaign Management (EMSS Modules), Q2 2021 report. More channels means more opportunities to engage customers, which means your marketing can be more flexible and agile. Our new release gives you access to even more channels and further improves your ability to personalized with features like:

  • Web Push
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Global release of geofencing
  • Hauwei mobile services integration
  • Loyalty enhancements

Having the tech in place to deliver personalized experiences that are consistent across all channels puts you in a great position to adapt quickly to any changes in customer behavior and demand. 

Accelerated Time to Value and Measurable Impact

Marketers need to see results quickly so that they know whether what they’re doing is working. They also need to know that there’s value in return for where they’ve invested time and resources. 

Our latest release helps marketers realize better time to value with features like:

  • Simplified template onboarding so you can get up and running faster
  • Easier mobile integrations, including Flutter support
  • Automation testing to make your marketing automation quick and easy

It also gives marketers greater insight into the efficacy and impact of their efforts with features like:

  • Analytics for web push
  • Advanced in-app reporting
  • Reporting on offline stores
  • Improvement in goal reporting

When you can see the results of your time, resources, and energy investment more quickly, you can also react, adapt, and pivot more quickly — giving you more agility and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Taking on challenges has become a badge of honor for marketers. Last year certainly put that notion to the test. Customers are unpredictable. Industry changes are unpredictable. Global pandemics are unpredictable. So if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that marketers need to be ready for anything. 

The question you need to ask is: Do you believe you and your marketing team truly are ready for anything? If not, consider taking steps now to bolster your team. Put the right strategy and technology in place to make sure you can engage customers and drive growth and revenue — no matter what.

Join our Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 Webinar on October 20 at 11:00 am EST (4:00 pm BST) to learn more about the range of new features included in the release that will ensure you and your marketing team can connect 1:1 with customers across any and all channels, wherever they choose to engage, under any condition.

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